Women’s football team training in winter, People’s Daily praised, netizens: men’s football team do not want to go downstairs for dinner, to send door

The men’s and women’s teams are currently staying in a five-star hotel near Lake Taihu in Suzhou, not on the same floor, but certainly not too far apart from each other, as the daily training ground is in the same place, so the men’s and women’s players are theoretically allowed to meet.According to reporter understanding, however, time is more shorter than men, women’s return at present is still in the phase separation, but did not fall in their daily training, under the guidance of coach ShuiQingXia and professional training team, the Chinese women’s team in a hotel near the training began rehabilitation training, on February 17, the day, the day the average daily temperature in suzhou only 2 degrees Celsius,The temperature is very cold, and the south is wet and cold, not as dry as the north, so the players are physically colder.However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of the players, from the camera captured by the reporter, the female football players are fully armed, doing warm-up work on the football field, looks like a large number.The moment of practice in the cold was praised by People’s Daily, which wrote: “This is the spirit of women’s football!Good and hard work, hats off to the girls.”It can be said that after winning the Asian Cup, it should have been the leisure time for the women’s football team, but Shui Qingxia did not dare to waste her time.However, some netizens noticed that opposite the women’s football training ground, there is a football field of the same size, which is obviously reserved for men’s football.After all, the men’s and women’s teams are staying in the same hotel, so each side will need at least one pitch on which to practice briefly.But at the same time as the women’s practice, the pitch was empty and empty, which meant the men didn’t have a practice schedule, and none of them even bothered to walk around and bounce the ball to keep their feet up.The huge gap has also left the comment section furious, with one user saying: “The men’s soccer team continued to eat sea cucumbers during the quarantine period.”Another said: ‘They stay up late playing video games.Not getting up early for training.””When the men’s soccer team went to Japan, they didn’t even bother to go downstairs for a meal.”The staff went from room to room.It can be said that netizens are very angry about the lazy behavior of the men’s football team, and some directly suggest that the men’s football team should be abolished.Support the women’s team, which also shows how unpopular the men’s team is.Arguably, the Chinese women’s soccer team has set a benchmark for the men’s players, perhaps because the football association, concerned that the men’s exit from the World Cup would be more stressful and emotional than the women’s team, did not schedule any training during the quarantine period, but let them relax.It must be admitted that it is not unreasonable for The Chinese women’s football team to stand at the top of Asia. It is also hoped that the men’s football players can study hard and eat more sea cucumbers. It is not a good thing that the consequences of excess nutrition are also more and more empty bodies.

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