Welcome the New Year!Mazu temple on both sides join hands online pray

An online and offline New Year’s worship ceremony for Mazu was held in Putian meizhou Island and Yunlin of Taiwan province on February 3, the third day of the first lunar month in the year of Renyin.Lin Jinzan, chairman of Meizhou Mazu Ancestral Temple, and Zhang Kezhong, chairman of Mailiao Gongfan Palace in Yunlin, Taiwan, paid homage to Mazu via video link and prayed for safety together.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, Lin Jinzan led all the board supervisors of Mazu Temple in the temple of Heaven, the south axis of the temple, and Zhang Kezhong and all members of the management committee of Yunlin Mailiao Arch Fan Palace interactive line, with Mazu, exchanged New Year wishes, friendship.He Dahuang, chairman of Taiwan Chiayi New Port Fengtian Palace, Zeng Jilian, chairman of Taiwan Tainan Sidian Grand Tien Hou Palace, Wu Wenhui, vice chairman of Taiwan Kaohsiung Grand Liao Puhui Palace and other representatives of Mazu cultural organizations sent congratulatory videos for the event.At about 10 a.m., a gun salute began. Mr. Lam beat the drum three times, followed by 11 drummers.Followed by Lin Jinzan leave with achieving a representative, the Chinese New Year putian city commercial association Li Murong, leave the island folks on behalf of the Chinese New Year Taiwan Cai Zhichang, meizhou island folks dignitaries representing jian-pin Lin, Gao Yuming, Pan Tianzhu, maejo mazu temple rotation is always the first Cai Fuquan, temple, all targeting, matsu the respect such as more than 300 people at home and abroad, to follow the ritual, respect for drumming, soak up the hand to burn incense,Worship Mazu in the traditional three-xian ceremony and kneel three times and knock nine times to Mazu.”New Year new atmosphere, pray pray for peace.”Lin Jinzan said, the New Year, temple, through to promote harmony, to promote harmony, to promote harmony, play on both sides of the Taiwan straits mazu culture connection bridge and the link, we will continue to do, with emphasis on the cross-strait exchanges of Taiwan folk culture communication, play to mazu culture as “area” of countries along the maritime silk route and communities, the role of the common cultural memory,Write a new chapter of Mazu culture together with all mazu worshipers.It is reported that in 2005, Meizhou Mazu ancestral Temple followed the ancient form of “praying for heaven”, the first yiyou praying ceremony.On the third day of the first lunar month in 2009, the prayer activity was officially named and became a fixed activity of ancestral Temple every year, which continues to this day.This year marks the second time that Mazu Temple and Mazu Temple in Taiwan jointly hold an online New Year prayer activity.On February 14, 2021, on the third day of the first month of the Lunar New Year, Zumiao joined hands with The Xuanqing Palace in Hsinchu, Taiwan province, to hold an online and offline New Year’s prayer activity with the theme of “Praying for Blessings on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Starting a New Journey together”, which received a warm response.(Source: Fujian Daily Client reporter: Chen Shengzhong Correspondent: Zhou Jianguo, Xu Guorong, Gao Yacheng/photo editing: CAI Yang)

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