Wang Shuang subsidize to stay abroad, the amount of donation is amazing, than the heart to honor the promise, abandon high salary hope to stay abroad

Wind and rain rainbow, steel roses, xiao-xue wang have been plugging loopholes like the defensive fans, arouses Zhang Linyan cub is not afraid of the tiger drive reverse, excellent performance of the women’s girls deserve the Asian cup champion, as the Chinese women’s team’s best striker, wang shuang owing to an unexpected twist feet hurt in training, he directly missed the semi-finals, the Chinese women’s team and the Japanese women’sIn the final, she was well taken care of by her opponents. She didn’t seem to have many amazing performances in these two tough matches, and judging from the fans’ expectations for her, she is still the indispensable soul of Chinese women’s soccer.He actually playing in the Asian cup is also very good, both of the Vietnam team and group or before the knockout, king cream with extremely impressive play to help the team, step by step walk to the end, in a sense, he has contributed to the fame of Zhang Linyan injured, this is done a kindly,Today, we share four little-known stories of Frost frost, from which we may be able to have a more comprehensive understanding of Wang Frost, from his body can also see how the sonorous rose spirit is blooming.Frost and the vast majority of players, the king also started from the campus football enlightenment, king cream has a cousin, especially like playing football, under the drive of my cousin, she started contact with football at the age of seven, then joined the school football club, she is also the only a girl in the club, because of the outstanding talent, plus extra effort,King of frost and early 18 years of age to join the national team, it is worth mentioning that in a cup held in Korea, wang shuang scored seven goals in 14 games, there was a foreign club took a fancy to the king of frost, and issued 200000 annual salary to her, you know at that time the domestic women’s highest annual salary is only 50000 yuan, but she has decisively rejected,Determined to fight for our country.Wang shuang high school coach Han Jian cream revealed the king once a story, let a person tears after became national team players, wang frost still every time back to wuhan, do not forget to return to his Alma mater to guide students to practice the junior, and together they play, the students learn the younger sister after king get frost encouragement and affirmation, the enthusiasm of practice are higher,Wang Shuang also prepared scholarships for junior and junior high school students, which moved all of us very much. In the 2018 National Football Championship for senior high school students, four young players from Wang Shuang’s Alma mater won the runner-up and thus got the chance to study in Britain.As is known to all, football players want to success, also need the cost of expensive, king cream after that, people used to fund 50000 yuan four primary school the younger sister went to Britain to study, and take back to the client signed jersey to them, the king of all this is frost in the case of without informing anyone, take the initiative to do, the enlightenment coach told the king the frost it,In fact, I wanted to share this joy with her. All of them did not expect that Wang Shuang would fund and give a signed jersey, which also caused a big sensation in Wang Shuang’s Alma mater at that time.In late 2019, an outbreak of the new champions of the national people’s focus to the wuhan, all people unity is strength, overcome difficulties, we quickly stabilize the outbreak, in this critical moment, the country from all walks of life are making donations, as people in wuhan, the king of frost also roots epidemic movements, she worried about is all the more to the hometown people, in order to support the hometown resistance to disease,According to an insider, Wang donated 600,000 YUAN to the Wuhan Charity Federation at that time. As we all know, women soccer players don’t earn much, and the annual salary of women soccer players at that time is very limited compared to the tens of millions of men’s soccer players.And then in Paris st germain for frost, the king of the annual salary is only 500000 yuan, that is, the king of the donation of 600000 yuan has gone beyond a year’s salary, although donations exceeding behavior is entirely voluntary, but we have to mention our soccer athletes, according to the current knowledge of information, in addition to the list for wuhan donation of 1 million yuan,Of course, some male football players donated money and materials for Wuhan, but most of them were 100,000, 200,000 or even 10,000, 20,000 yuan. Although this also expressed their hearts, compared with them, it more reflected Wang Shuang’s sense of social responsibility.We have noticed that the king of frost, after scoring in the games will make a gesture than heart, this position also once in hristo Korean foreign aid after scoring quasi sun hao, he gave the reason is that with cloth before Min after discussed with goal celebrations, cream to the king of the fans than reason seems to be more interested in heart, the king of frost also made on the individual’s social media to understand,She said the gesture was to show a group of “chasing wind girls”. Wang went to a chasing wind primary school in Shilin County, Yunnan province last month. She played with the girls and they agreed that if Wang scored in the Asian Cup, they would play for them.These “wind chasing girls” are members of the girls’ football team at Weze Youth Federation Hope Primary School in Changhu Town, Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming city, Yunnan Province.In 2019, alipay Public Welfare Foundation and China Youth Development Foundation jointly launched the “Chasing the Wind Plan”. Thanks to this rural campus girls’ football support project, many primary school girls’ football teams have seen more growth and progress. In 2021, The Chinese Football Association and Alipay joined hands.And the girls in yunnan the mountains built the “China women’s subject field”, the stadium was named the “rose” dream field, these players are known as zhuifeng girl, has always been to go to the king of the Chinese youth football development frost, also personally came to the stadium and young athletes with communication, king frost also use own practical action,The interpretation of sonorous rose spirit, this spirit is a kind of inheritance.According to Zhu Yi, manager of “Germany Transfer” China station, the annual salary of Chinese women’s soccer players is generally in the range of 100,000 to one million yuan, and very few outstanding players can get more than 2 million yuan, which is pre-tax annual salary. After the mid-cap salary, the maximum salary of men’s soccer is only 3 million yuan before tax, while the maximum salary of women’s soccer in China is more than 2 million yuan.With men’s income gap is very small, so to speak, in the world, China’s women’s income is also higher, although the current domestic women’s income is very considerable, but wang cream in an interview, still show you want the desire of the five major league abroad, compared to the lure of the 2 million annual salary, she admitted that she more want to improve themselves at a higher stage.This will have to let a person very regrets, think in the Chinese super league prosperity decade, how many talented player in order to make money at home, take the initiative to give up the opportunity of overseas study, many times for their personal, although this is a very free choice, but on the whole, it does give the development of Chinese football has brought the very big resistance, and the recent period of time,King of soccer players, compared to study abroad in succession cream for your overseas study of buyers have very high request, she want to be able to go to a team to have the ability of the champions league, she has such a request, on the one hand is caused her strength, on the other hand is also in order to better improve themselves, to help the Chinese women’s team to return to the ranks of the world’s top teams.

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