They won!Worthy of pride, The encounter between Chinese Women’s football team and Liuba

China overcame a 2-0 first-half deficit to beat South Korea 3-2 in the Asian Cup final on Feb 6.The good news came that Liuba County, Hanzhong City, which provided a closed training ground for The Chinese women’s football team last year, began to boil. Word of mouth spread and people felt proud, and the circle of friends on mobile phones flooded the screen continuously on this day, leading to a hot search.It turns out that from August 19 to September 13, 2021, the Chinese women’s football team met hanzhong Liuba, deep in the Qinling Mountains.The 35 members of the National Women’s Football Team came to liuba Yingpan International Youth Football Training Base for closed training.This is the first time for the Chinese women’s football team to go to the local training camp in the form of “Olympic combination team” after finishing the journey of the Tokyo Olympic Games, to prepare for the final stage of the 14th National Games.The whole of the grassland, watching the game on mobile phones football association secretary-general rebekah very excited mood, once for the training of the national women’s provides logistics he tells a reporter, the Tokyo Olympic Games after the end of the coach ShuiQingXia led national women’s “combination” Olympic team to leave dam football academy center fitness training, main is to relax and keep fit,The girls were very satisfied with the training ground and praised the beautiful environment of the base.”Compared with other city clubs, the altitude here is more than 1600 meters, the annual average temperature is 11.5C, the climate is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, 91.23% of the forest coverage provides abundant negative oxygen ions.The main reason why Chinese women’s football teams choose to train here is that it has a complete set of supporting facilities and unique conditions such as semi-plateau, fully enclosed training camp, summer training and competition.”Liuba football youth center manager Zeng Yaguang said.Qiu Weidong, manager of Marketing Department of Liuba Culture tourism Group Co., LTD., said, “After we moved into the base, we trained very seriously, rain or shine, and got along well with coaches and staff.In their spare time, the female football players often go to nearby farmers’ houses to play, and ride tricycles together to fly themselves in the fields. They like to go to shizigou Pasture not far away to get close to cattle and sheep and enjoy nature.”Yingpan, a small town deep in the Qinling Mountains, has seven green courses that blend well with mountains and farmland.Ya-guang zeng introduces to the reporter, leave a youth center is located in the left dam dam football county hou town yingpan village is located in the south qinling, has four natural lawn and three artificial turf standard football field and supporting facilities, can meet the all-weather training for more than 500, is currently the only in northwest China have 4 shall base at the county level of the standard football field,It has held major provincial and municipal sports events such as Shaanxi Provincial youth football Championship. It is also the largest sports and tourism research and training base in Hanzhong city that integrates health and fitness, leisure and vacation, ecological sightseeing, sports and other functions.At the same time, the construction of the base also strongly promotes the development of Zibai Mountain scenic area and Zibai Mountain ski resort around Yingpan, and promotes the development of tourism, education, sports, as well as catering and accommodation industries while increasing the tickets and comprehensive income of tourist attractions, further expanding the influence of the integration of hanzhong sports and tourism, and improving the level of regional tourism development.Now, the National women’s Football Team has come back to win the Asian Cup, adding passion and glory to Hanzhong Liuba.Relying on good ecology, profound culture and superior environment, vigorously promote tourism + sports.For many years, the education workers in Liuba, represented by Chen Jun, have provided excellent players for the national and Olympic teams and explored an innovative way for football education and football.As early as 2009, Chen Jun, the principal of Liuba County Middle School at that time, led the school to take football as a breakthrough, determined the core concept of “using the ball to build body, promote wisdom and educate people”, explored the quality-oriented education model combining sports and education, and walked out of a characteristic development road.Campus football has begun to take shape, and “retaining the dam mode” has become a name card of Shaanxi quality education.Liuba County middle School has cultivated nearly 200 national first and second level football players.Campus football is integrating with education and teaching, playing an unusual role.Growing up in Liuba County Middle School, the “football boys” are taking football as the link to realize the “double improvement” of their academic performance and physical quality, thus marching towards a brighter future.Keys in recent years, ecological as the lead, sports as the breakthrough, living for the direction, in-depth implementation of the “global travel” “sports power”, such as national strategy, vigorously develop mountain outdoor sports, football inquest into text brigade, success has created such as leave dam yingpan national sports town a batch of interactive, one sports tourism products, held a number of large-scale sports event, cultural tourismGuided the majority of tourists to follow the competition to visit Han, and created a new situation of integrated development of “promoting travel with sports, promoting sports with tourism, and combining sports with tourism”.Congratulations again to China’s red heroics for winning the title for the first time in 16 years and returning to the top of Asia.Their spirit of sports competition will always accompany this land and inspire generations of athletes to strive for progress.Chinese businessman all media reporter Wang Peimin editor Jiang Lei

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