“The rest of my life” end of the war, Xiao Zhan issued a summary, choice of words, he and the role is very clear

Unconsciously, “the rest of my life for advice” has been broadcast for more than half a month, and in the people’s extremely reluctant, this drama is finally ushered in the end!Like other dramas, At the end of the series, Xiao Zhan wrote a thousand words to say “goodbye” to Dr. Gu!People were in the growing, as is known to all, shaw war after entering the entertainment circle is not the sort to replace their social platform account, therefore he June 10, 2012, on someone else’s small composition, flamed “forcing nun I also could not write a word” this unique text of each region, and in 2022, has been able to broadcasting in play with the end of the day,Each with a small composition for everyone to read!However, Xiao Zhan’s words are still very elegant, it can be said that his farewell to Gu Wei’s article, that is not only to separate themselves from the role, but also to prevent many fans of CP heart!Now it is popular to do CP, that is, every time a drama is broadcast, no matter what the subject matter is, everyone likes to imagine it by themselves, no matter whether the role is official or not, and even extends to the off-screen, no matter how the actors are actually, the fans who are too deeply involved in the drama always hope that the actors will be together in real life, to continue the sweetness of the drama or make up for the regret in the drama!It’s just that, apparently, Xiao doesn’t want anyone to get hooked on real-life CP after the show ends!”I watched the drama with everyone and walked into gu Wei’s parallel world from the audience’s point of view”, which means I rewatched the drama as an audience, and even forgot some of Gu Wei’s bits and pieces!”Love might be in the moment, what may not be told the reason”, while in fact in real life I wouldn’t like Lin of the girls in the school, after all, always feel she is some examples, but the gu wei in the play is like, although looks no brain, but the director, for no reason, have to like it!”Lin’s school is lively and lively, and I am touched as an audience.” In the face of this play, Xiao Zhan is just an audience, like anyone else, and some feelings are only touched. There is no need to think more, and there is not so much love because of the play!”Blessing in parallel space and time old gu and school school will be forever happy”, like the school of the forest is Gu Wei, they will be in their space and time to pursue the love that belongs to them, and Xiao Zhan is as an audience, as all net friends, moved at this, but will not be intoxicated at this!To tell the truth, This article of Xiao Zhan is really a very clean division of himself and the role, just like gu Yye and Wei Wuxian, they are left in a parallel time and space, living with the people they love!Each time farewell, Xiao Zhan can always be full of infinite aftertaste to complete the last docking with the role, and then return to the real life as “Xiao Zhan” natural person!The actors are great, they’re all colleagues, they’re all partners, they’re all partners, but after the show, that’s all we see each other again!The real fans only focus on Xiao Zhan himself, but because of his traffic, many black fans are taking the rhythm, trying to fire the real CP of the two leading actors in the drama, in a vain attempt to create an illusion that they are together, trying to make the fans off the fan!In fact, if Xiao Zhan does have an official relationship that day, fans must be happy, after all, he is also in his thirties, one day he will have his own family, fans can accept!However, it is not these ethereal CP, all are actors, all are business period, there is a normal interaction, but this is by no means the black fans use hype gimmick!So, those black fans who are trying to fire real CP should save their breath. After all, in Xiao Zhan’s article, Yang Zi is just a “partner”!”The rest of my Life” featurestell you, Xiao Zhan can become the top stream, because of excellence!Xiao Zhan’s new endorsement began to warm up. The last one was at the beginning of the month. This time, it is the important official who announced another endorsement renewal of Xiao Zhan.For more highlights, follow Youyou Qingyangzi

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