Tangshan Red Cross society received donations of over one million yuan from all walks of life

Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter Liu Yutong correspondent Li Yiran) on March 19, after a spring snow, Tangshan pressed the “pause button”.As the “assembly call” of epidemic prevention has been sounded recently, the Tangshan Red Cross society has unblocked donation channels and is on 24-hour emergency duty to do its best to receive donations and goods.As of March 24, Tangshan Red Cross society has received donations of 1.2382 million yuan from all walks of life, including 3,231 donations of 1.272 million yuan.Love is like chuan Hui hai, united as one gathers strength to fight the epidemic.On the “micro-donation” section of the Wechat public account of Tangshan Red Cross society, the author found that caring people from all walks of life are launching online donations through the Internet.At the same time, the tangshan Red Cross social donation hotline has also been ringing, and people from all walks of life have called to ask how to donate love with practical actions.It is reported that on March 19, Tangshan Chuanbo Trading Co., Ltd. remitted 10,000 yuan to the tangshan Red Cross donation account, which was the first donation to support tangshan epidemic prevention.On March 22, Sang Shujun, chairman of Zhonghongprin Medical Supplies Co., LTD donated 400,000 disposable protective gloves to help the city’s epidemic prevention and control…In the column of donators’ names of tangshan Red Cross Society, many people left respectable names such as “loving Citizens”, “God bless Tangshan” and “Tangshan Refuel”.The tangshan Red Cross society responsible comrade said, will strictly in accordance with the “Red Cross Society of China donation management measures” and the city’s epidemic prevention work requirements, timely money and goods delivered to Tangshan epidemic prevention use.At the same time, the official website and official Wechat account will be publicly publicized to respond to public concerns and accept social supervision.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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