【 Recruitment 】 China Shipbuilding System Engineering Research Institute (CSSR) is open for multiple positions

China Shipbuilding Systems Engineering Research Institute (CSSRI), formerly known as The Ship System Engineering Department, was founded in 1970 and belongs to China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited. It is the earliest military research institution in China named after “Systems Engineering” and applied the theories and methods of systems engineering to naval equipment construction.Its inception, the system engineering institute is mainly engaged in ship weaponry lighter demonstration, through to the system after the project development of business transformation, for the first time realized from a single weapon system integration based on the platform of the combat system integration, and system integration from single to multiple systematic, integrated platform of two major cross, full implementation of the system of the top research, for traction,A new exploration characterized by the transformation and upgrading of system integration and the coordinated development of the military and the civilian has gradually developed into a backbone scientific research institution oriented towards the naval equipment system, with system integration as its main business and covering three levels of “top-level system research, system comprehensive integration and core equipment development”.Founded more than 50 years, the system engineering institute has always uphold the “to build a powerful navy, national service as own duty” the sacred mission, standing in naval ship development frontier, training and exercise a solid professional knowledge, rich experience in systems engineering practice, scientific research and management team, to undertake national major projects engineering multiple tasks,It has completed the supply of more than 1,000 systems and equipment for various types of ships, making outstanding contributions to the modernization of naval equipment.The Institute of Systems Engineering continues to sum up successful experience, focus on military industry, identify strategic positioning, give full play to traditional advantages, focus on maritime operations, follow the law of scientific and technological development, build distinctive core capabilities, successfully achieve the “13th Five-Year” development goals, and steadily promote transformation and development;At the same time, it implements integrated management with CSSC Electronic Technology Co., LTD., and makes efforts in key directions such as medical service and maritime information infrastructure construction, forming the industrialization force of subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi ‘an, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhoushan, Shenzhen and Sanya, further supporting high-quality development.At present, it has nearly 1,000 employees, including 163 researchers and 252 senior engineers. 75.4% of them have master degree or above, 97.8% of them have bachelor degree or above.It has won 469 science and technology progress awards, including 28 national awards and 257 provincial and ministerial awards.More than 1000 authorized patents have been obtained.It has one “double appointment academician” and has Yang Desen academician expert workstation and postdoctoral workstation.I. Recruitment requirements: Excellent in character and learning, healthy, passionate about national defense;Steadfast and steady, perseverance, unity and cooperation, positive.Responsibilities: In accordance with the requirements of internal audit work and the development strategy of the company, responsible for the construction of audit system, implementation of audit projects, responsibility investigation of illegal operation and investment, internal control evaluation and other functions.Specifically: the construction of audit system;Economic responsibility audit;Research and production project audit;Subsidiary management and control audit;Rectify problems found in audit;Investigation of liability for illegal operation and investment;Other work assigned by leader.Qualifications: Major in finance or audit, master degree or above, at least 3 years related working experience;Familiar with audit and financial related management policies and rules and regulations, with comprehensive financial and audit professional knowledge;Intermediate auditor, intermediate accountant or above, certified public accountant is preferred;Have strong learning ability, communication and coordination ability, planning/organizing ability, have strong innovation ability and work under pressure;Physical and mental health, serious and responsible quality.Job responsibilities: Following up the publicity planning and implementation of key figures’ stories and important projects of our hospital, daily internal and external publicity and creativity (including daily operation of wechat public account);Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.Qualifications: Full-time master degree or above in journalism, Communication, Chinese or related majors;Strong writing skills, strong communication skills, skilled use of wechat official account editing platform.Information system management 03 Job Responsibilities: Responsible for the management system and rules and regulations construction organization management;Responsible for enterprise informatization planning and construction management;Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.Qualifications: Full-time postgraduate degree or above in information system management;Familiar with office software;Strong communication, coordination, written expression and problem solving skills;Internship experience in application system development and construction or information project management is preferred.Job Responsibilities: In charge of project quotation and audit;Supervise and manage the expenditure and expenditure during the implementation of the project, and deal with the allocation and adjustment of project indirect costs;Assist the project leader in the calculation of scientific research project funds, budget preparation, budget adjustment and performance management;Responsible for project financial analysis within the department, and provide professional support for financial management of the department, assist relevant functional management departments to publicize and train national policies and regulations/rules and regulations within the department.Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above, major in finance or related;Basic financial knowledge, familiar with financial management and project funds management requirements;Proactive, serious and responsible, with good learning ability and strong ability to work under pressure.Job responsibilities: Key technology development and system development in related fields.Qualifications: Computer, artificial intelligence, automatic control, Ordnance science and technology, underwater acoustic engineering, mathematics, communication, electronics, electrical, electromagnetic, aerospace or related majors, master degree or above, science and engineering college;Understand the design and integration methods of information system, have a good mathematical background;Proficient in office automation system and related professional research software;Good communication and coordination skills, team spirit and serious and responsible quality;Physical and mental health, strong ability to work under pressure.Three, salary welfare provide broad space for development to provide the competitive compensation and perfecting the social security, nine, insurance gold (except five social insurance and one housing fund of national legal, also for the staff to establish insurance of worker complement medical treatment, children’s health insurance and accidental injury insurance, enterprise annuity, major disease insurance) four, contact registration unit address:Yongfeng industrial base of science and technology zone in Beijing’s haidian district FengXian east road no. 1 post editor: 100094 contact: Mr Zhu (18911990219) 010-59515536, preach true: 010-59515521 resume registered address: https://cssc.zhiye.com/seri resume registration requirements:In addition to filling in relevant information as required, you also need to upload your own personalized resume.———— / END / ———— Responsible Editor/Tang Siheng Executive Editor/Liu Haicao Zhang Haoran Content source/China Shipping

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