Chengguan Police Station: The people’s public security for the people, all day long, to protect the people safe Spring Festival!

Chengguan police station is located in yangshuo yangshuo county public security bureau li, gallery, the beauty of the moon mountain, known as “little li river” is on the side of a river, and surrounding scenic spots and the landscape more beautiful, visitors, and to provide tourists with harmony and peace of recreation environment, the city sent so “people’s public security as the principle for the people,With the goal of first-class landscape police image comparable to shanqing and Shuixiu “, do a good job in the service guarantee and other work.In recent years, the city police station firmly grasp the connotation of “maple bridge experience” new era, people’s satisfaction as the goal, guided by the demands of the masses, focusing on “contradiction is not handed in, peace is not an accident, the service is not the absence of” overall goal, actively explore innovative social comprehensive treatment, the effective ways to draw a picture of a splendid colorful “populist and yet” picture scroll,We will make our people’s sense of security more substantial, secure and sustainable.Chengguan Police Station is the first named “Fengqiao type police station” in the whole district, during the Spring Festival, walk the streets, patrol the alleys, enter the community, visit villages and towns 24 hours non-stop guard,At this time of the year, they are extremely busy. Their “New Year flavor” is to silently guard the lights of thousands of families as usual. Measuring the people’s peace with the steps and practicing the police oath with loyalty!In order to further strengthen the safety management of fireworks and further crack down on illegal transportation, storage, sales and setting off fireworks and other illegal acts, Yangshuo County bureau has taken multiple measures to continue to carry out the work of banning the burning and releasing of fireworks to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.Early in the morning, chengguan police station auxiliary police in-depth area to carry out fireworks ban ban propaganda.By issuing propaganda pages banning fireworks, Posting notices and on-site explanation, the police explained to the local people the possible hidden dangers of setting off fireworks and the importance and legal consequences of banning them, and urged residents to start from themselves and refuse to set off fireworks.At the same time, the police reminded the public to actively mobilize their families, neighbors and friends not to set off fireworks, enhance environmental awareness and safety awareness.Near the end of the year, telecommunications network fraud is prone to high incidence of crime.Chengguan police station people, auxiliary police is “propagandist”, joint jiwo police stay station, a village auxiliary police, duty patrol members together to form an obligation publicity team, in-depth area for the masses to explain anti-fraud knowledge, anti-fraud knowledge from leaflets, mobile phone wechat moved to the heart of the masses.”Mass New Year, police stand guard”.Chengguan police station close combination with the district public security practice, combining with the characteristics of both the jurisdiction, in accordance with the security scheme, in-depth jurisdiction stone horse disc, such as the summer intensive, step to cruise to tour of the car the way of combining comprehensive patrol work, maximize the police in the street, increase the rate of street see p, squeeze the illegal crime space, reduce street ratings.Eliminate all kinds of security risks in a timely manner, effectively maintain the sustainable stability of social security during the Spring Festival, and comprehensively improve the people’s sense of security satisfaction.Whether it is on foot patrol, or the police car kept shuttling in the streets and lanes, the flashing lights reflected the area of peace and harmony, guarding the peaceful lights of thousands of families.In recent years, in order to create a festive atmosphere of the police camp, the county bureau organized the calligraphy association teachers for the police station to write the “New Year tree new wind innovation performance, grasp the grassroots to lay a foundation to practice basic skills” Spring Festival couplets, so warm heart and promote Chinese traditional culture, further strengthen the team cultural construction.”Police station policemen will meet all kinds of people at work every day, and the problems they receive are strange and strange.”Hou Jieteng, deputy director on duty, said that although many of them are small things in life, in order to avoid intensified conflicts and bigger problems.The police should rush to the scene as soon as possible, actively resolve risks and dispose of events, sometimes a day to deal with more than ten police situation.Busy all day, this just have time to eat on New Year’s Eve dinner.At six o ‘clock in the evening, the police on duty and auxiliary police of the chengguan police station returned to the station. The “police home” of the police station became lively in an instant, and everyone greeted each other and wished each other well.For the police of chengguan police station, the New Year is a feeling, a inheritance, a affection.For the police on New Year’s Eve, it is a stick, is a responsibility, but also a responsibility, they use practical action to interpret the people’s police immortal oath!Spring is the most special day in the hearts of ordinary people, decorated with lanterns and family reunion, but it is an ordinary day in the minds of police, because holidays are their working days.They always start from little things, actively resolve conflicts and disputes, strengthen the stability of the area of public security, and strive to serve the masses with love, won the widespread affirmation of the masses.All the police and auxiliary officers of chengguan Police Station will always keep their original aspiration, fulfill their mission, resolutely fulfill the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the Party and the people in the new era, and make every effort to maintain social security and stability and protect the safety of the area under their jurisdiction every day.

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