1962 War between China and India ended, the great man ordered a retreat of 20 km, only to know the wisdom of the great man after the event

In 1962, our army won a major victory in the counter-attack against India, but after recovering the lost territory, the great man made the decision to “cease fire and retreat”, and immediately ordered the PLA to retreat 20 kilometers. What is the meaning of doing so?Later found that the great man of this is really clever!If you are interested, don’t forget to click “like”.”Cease fire first and withdraw later” was a wise choice. In the 1962 counter-offensive of self-defence against India, Chinese troops routed The Indian army with overwhelming offensive.At that time, the Indian soldiers scattered like birds frightened by the bow of a bow.In principle, at this time our army will march in and pursue the victory.But to our surprise, the great man gave the order to stop the pursuit, not only that, but also ordered the PLA troops to retreat to the actual control of the McMahon line, 20 kilometers north.Even after the retreat, the Captured Indian army prisoners and captured materials should also be unconditionally returned to the Indian army.Why is that?Retreating 20km north of the MCMA Red Line would be like ceding your territory to India.But after the event, we suddenly realized that the great man’s move is really clever, retreat 20 kilometers of decision, for our country is the wisest choice.The great man’s this move is indeed clever, retreat 20 kilometers of decision, for our country is the wisest choice “MCMA red line” this place, many people will always feel that retreat, is their territory “surrender”, but in fact, retreat 20 kilometers, there is no substantial impact on our country.They won’t take it even if it’s “free.”How does that work?It turns out that most of the McMahon Red Line is on the ridge of the Himalayas, six or seven kilometers above sea level, and it’s hard for people to survive there, let alone for India to set up a post there.Indians are not stupid, and they know how difficult the issue is, so even if they give it to them, they will not be able to occupy it, so it does not have much impact on Korea.The second reason is that China chose to withdraw from the good influence of China, to show the world that the purpose of this self-defense counterattack against India is to defend the country and its territorial sovereignty, and China has no intention to offend India, let alone occupy the territory of other countries.The captured equipment and captured Indian troops were returned to the Indian government as a gesture of good faith.At that time, China’s positive and friendly attitude was in sharp contrast to India’s. China’s action was like that of a great power, and many countries opposed to the use of force to solve problems were also very supportive of China’s action.Moreover, China has also told India that it hopes to have friendly exchanges with India.And returned the captured equipment and captured Indian troops to the Indian government, showing full sincerity.Although the war was initiated by India, we were still full of expectations for friendly exchanges with India, so even though Our country won the war, we still chose not to attack and took the initiative to cease hostilities.China’s friendly attitude towards India eventually persuaded India to accept the decision and withdraw its troops from the border by 20 kilometers.This is what the great man foresaw when he made the decision.Of course, in addition to this, the great man ordered the PLA to retreat 20 kilometers, there are some other factors.If China’s armed forces continue to fight with India, they will easily fall into a disadvantageous position. For example, because of the complex terrain and harsh environment in the combat areas, the transportation of our troops has become a big problem. As a result, it is very difficult for many materials and supplies to reach the front of the battle quickly.In addition, the weather conditions are also very bad. From November to the next spring, the mountains in the China-India border area are basically covered with snow, which makes it more difficult for the PLA to keep up with logistics supplies.In the face of the actual geographical and weather conditions, our army will easily fall into a disadvantageous position if it continues to fight with India.Therefore, no matter from every aspect, the great man’s decision is quite correct.The reason for the war between China and India is that the British illegally forged the “MCMA Red Line”. Why is it forged?As we all know, the border between China and India is more than 2,000 km long with the Himalayan mountains, but it has never been divided in history.The default consensus is to divide it by the foothills of the Himalayas on the Indian side, where the slopes meet the flat ground.The Whole of the Himalayas would then be under Chinese control.The cause of the war of China and India, is derived from a, Britain was illegal fake, “treats red line” but later became a British colony in India, love is that Britain, good for claims, abruptly with a new line, the china-india boundary from the Himalayan foothills, on the north ridge line, equivalent to the Himalayas in two, the line,It is now known as the McMahon Line.In fact, this line is completely illegal and invalid. It is only the “wishful thinking” of the UK, and China has never recognized it.It was not until 1947, when India achieved independence, that the British “political legacy” was inherited by India.At that time, China was busy fighting the United States to aid Korea and defending the country, and there was no time to consider this problem.So India, at this point, took the opportunity to push north, and in 1951, captured 90, 000 square kilometers of our territory south of the McMahon Line.The “shameless” unilateral declaration that the “McMahon Line” is the official boundary between China and India.And what really provoked the border conflict, which forced China to fight back in self-defense, was the idea of British colonial expansion that was deeply embedded in the Indian leadership at the time.The senior leaders of India, was deeply implanted, the ideas of the British colonial expansion theory due to long-term growth in the British colonial period, expansionism aggression thought, is the UK has been under the policy, the military thought and theory, has been deeply implanted in the Nehru government and others in my mind, this ingrained, it is hard to be changed, it was the war of China and India,Root cause of the outbreak.In addition, due to the long-term colonial rule of Britain, India accumulated a large number of social conflicts after its independence. The problem of the wide gap between the rich and the poor became the most important contradiction in Indian society at that time.Nehru did have some policies, like land reform, but it didn’t work because most of the land in India was still in the hands of landowners.Not only that, but also further intensified social conflicts, so that India, the outbreak of various anti-hunger, land struggles, domestic unrest, the authority of Nehru leadership, also suffered a serious challenge.In this situation, Nehru desperately needed to change the status quo, and provoking a border conflict with China to distract the public was the “perfect” solution that Nehru came up with, and thus one of the reasons for the War between India and China.The cause of the China-India War the super-strong Chinese army, India’s war against China, has been planned for a long time. They even sent troops and stationed military positions in our territory on the China-India border, and continuously harassed our country.China is not good at war, but it is not afraid of war, especially if it has seriously violated our territory, then China will fight to the end.Therefore, under repeated provocations from India, China decided to launch a counter-offensive in self-defence against India to protect our border security and territorial integrity.In October 1962, Nehru mobilized 10 brigades of troops and launched an attack against our army. The PLA courageously faced the enemy and launched fierce battles with both sides.At 4,000 meters above sea level, there are either inaccessible snow-capped mountains or impenetrable forests.In such a low-end harsh environment, our army achieved a forced march against the sky infantry.Compared with the Chinese military environment, troops troops is much more “happiness” this feel very magical, because the Chinese army’s environment, troops is much more “happiness”, troops in the south, is flat grassland, is not very cold weather, nor steep terrain, but in this way, our army’s people’s liberation army (PLA),Or completed a time of interspersed tasks, the Indian army will be completely defeated.On one of the missions, the marching troops were blocked by a sub-tropical virgin rainforest.In the face of large areas, higher than their own bramble forest, full of resilience and toughness of brambles, no matter the knife cut, or grenade blast, all useless.The Indian army felt very strange, because the situation was very bad compared to the extremely cold environment of the Chinese army. The commander wrapped his clothes around his head and jumped into the brambles, bending his body to press down the brambles.Soon, the soldiers, one by one, followed the example of the commander, jumping into the brambles, with their bodies forcefully pressed out a path, let the troops behind, on their own bodies.Facing the sharp thorns piercing the body, the body also had to bear the trampling of other soldiers, this kind of pain can be imagined, the PLA’s tenacious fighting spirit, once again shocked the Indian army.In that battle, the soldiers of the regiment launched a surprise attack on the enemy and took out India’s flagship, the 7th Brigade, to complete the victory of the counterattack.’s people’s liberation army (PLA), is precisely relies on this incredible willpower, in extremely difficult circumstances, completed the counterattack fight again and again, will play suit’s people’s liberation army (PLA) troops completely, is precisely relies on this incredible willpower, in extremely difficult circumstances, completed the counterattack fight again and again, will play serving troops completely, also for India to see China’s strong.The war of self-defence and counter-attack against India won an overall victory under the heroic resistance of the People’s Liberation Army.In the past 50 years, history has proved time and again that the PLA is more confident and capable of defending every inch of our land.

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