What can’t you help with in the countryside?

One of my friends in the countryside, Xiao Lin, is very helpful and warm-hearted, but he is often scolded.This help is a good thing originally, why can be scolded?Xiao Lin is a warm-hearted person, when he sees others fighting each other, he will rush to help them out and remove them. When he sees others having any difficulties, he will take the initiative to help them out.Once, the neighbor Li Ersister-in-law couple play some, Li Ersister-in-law seized li Ersister-in-law heart, li Ersister-in-law press on the ground, Li Ersister-in-law did not fight back, pool ran to pull the frame, pull not open, a worry to Li erelder brother two slap, li erelder brother two eyes flash gold, Li erelder brother put his wife, fight with him.Li was only two years older than him, and Li was younger than him, but Li was smaller than Lin and kicked his feet to the ground.Li ersao saw this and climbed up and wanted to run, but Li erge said, “Lao Zi and his wife are split, it’s nothing to do with you. Are you having an affair?When Li ersau heard this, she was so alarmed that she slapped Xiao Lin twice in the face with her back hand and scolded him, saying that it was none of your business to call you for help or call you for help.This came to him, become inside and outside is not a person, but he knew that Li Ersister-in-law is not a heart beating, but in order to take care of the family, li erge rabbit mad dog disorderly bite people.He said angrily, “I don’t care if you shoot one or the other.” So he left.Li got up from the ground and the couple went into the house without fighting.Another time is a village person stole something in the village, was chased by several villagers dozen, he was going to join the common chase block this thief, who opened the door, thief Wang Black dog slipped in, plop kneel in front of him said, Xiao Lin ge save me.This wang black dog is a bachelor, irreverent, then went to Dongguan to work, because of theft was sentenced to three years, after coming back, he is still not good, petty theft in the village, everyone hates him.However, When Xiao Lin saw this, his heart softened. He shut him in the house and told him not to come out. He shut the door himself and ran out to chase the thief with the village.When he returned from his absence, he wanted to teach him to mend his ways, but when he returned home, he found that the king and the black dog had run away.He asked his wife and children that Wang Black dog hid in their private room for only one or two minutes and then went out.He went out to check and found several hundred yuan loose money missing from the drawer.He knew in his heart that wang Black Dog had done it, but he dared not speak out for fear that the villagers would scold him.So he took a loss.On another occasion, there was an exotic daughter-in-law in the village, Wang Jia, nicknamed Jia Jia, who was zhang Jun’s wife and had two children.Somehow the couple this long old split, the New Year, Jia Jia wanted to go back to guangxi home for the New Year, but the husband did not give money, so privately to find Xiao Lin to help.Xiao Lin thought, this jia Jia a weak woman, no relatives two have no relatives, came and didn’t go home, now the couple relationship is not good, want to go back home to see their relatives is common sense, so secretly borrowed 3000 yuan to her.Jia Jia said she would return to him as soon as the lunar New Year was over.But this matter has been two or three years, Jia Jia never said a word, he did not dare to ask Zhang Jun to, because this matter Zhang Jun did not know, afraid of being bitten back, ask you why secretly lend money to my wife?Don’t have a hidden agenda, something I can’t explain.Once he asked jia Jia lightly, jia Jia said this thing you do not say, said my husband to beat me, I blame two problems, he dare not mention this matter again.From the experience of xiao Lin, a good man in the village, we can see that in life, there are the following things that can’t be helped.Don’t help because they fight at the end of the bed and at the head of the bed, fight during the day and fight at night, if you help, you will not please.Do not good instead of two people to deal with you, this is another person’s husband and wife contradiction, really transferred to your body.Bad people have another help “Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf”, “the farmer and the snake” story, I heard too much, don’t pity the wicked, bad people, otherwise burn, small their own losses, big harm from already.Do not secretly lend money to a woman because the woman’s business is the most difficult to deal with, even if nothing, or was nothing, but because what you do is secretly lend her money, this money is a sensitive matter, will be misunderstood as something.Once not also in, you can not take back not to say, but also make such as mute eating coptis, bitter can not say.Conclusion: In the countryside, everything is mutual help, but some things can not blindly help, such as husband and wife fight, bad people are in trouble, women privately ask you to borrow money.In addition, there are people set up marriage, good to say you did a good thing, bad will blame you at the beginning of the mouth.Help give birth to a daughter not to feed to look for others to adopt, these things do not go to help, help will bury the consequences of being scolded.

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