Omnipotent tool man!A practical player who can play in most positions in milan in the recent season!

When you talk about the magic of the pitch, you will think of Azpilicueta, Saur Negus, even the older generation of John O ‘Shea, zanetti!In fact, Milan has two little-known utility players who can play in most positions.Fabio Borini (all positions except goalkeeper and centre-back) Premier League fans may recognize him. The former centre-forward, who played for Chelsea, Swansea City, Liverpool and Sunderland, joined Milan in the 17/18 season.Fabio Borini is the most outstanding place is fast impact, and left and right foot shooting is not bad, occasionally can perform the flying fairy.With Gattuso in charge, the team played 4-3-3 and 4-42, and Fabio Borini’s work rate and frenetic movement gave him regular substitute minutes on both left and right, but Fabio Borini was never a prolific striker even if he worked hard.Later, due to injury and other reasons, gattuso played him at right back in the league and in the Europa League group stage (twice against Arsenal). He was constructive in attack but poor in defence.He also played at left back in the Coppa Italia with equally modest success.Later it was Marco Giampaolo and Pioli, who played 4-3-12 and 4-2-3-231 respectively. Fabio Borini played less and more as a centre-forward, but also in midfield, central midfield and central midfield.In 19/20, Fabio Borini went on loan to Verona and then moved to Fatih Karaguruk.Fabio Borini made 75 appearances for Milan, scoring 8 goals and providing 6 assists.Although he is not a world-class player, his dedication has won over many fans.Radkrunic has been a substitute since joining milan in 19/20, but has seen regular minutes.Marco Giampaolo played 4312 or 433 during his time as a leader, and he also played consistently.Until Pioli was appointed, he played in a 4-2-3-1 formation, which left no space in midfield, but radklunic’s tackling and passing ability convinced pioli to play him in the deep.In the 20/21 season, when Milan played in the Europa League, Pioli also tried to play Radkrunic as a midfielder or even on the right wing. The effect was good. Although the team had few chances to attack, radkrunic’s closing down ability successfully improved the overall balance of attack and defense.Milan had left wing Raphael Leao and Ante Rabic injured together earlier this season and pioli played Radkrunic on the left wing.It’s true he doesn’t have the attacking effect of Rafael Leao, Ante Rabic, etc., but he does increase the defensive intensity of the left wing, allowing attacking left-back Teo Hernandez to go forward with confidence.Pietro Pellegri, the young centre-forward who made his first start for Milan in January against Salanitana, was injured in the first 15 minutes and Radkrunic was called in as the false Number nine, which proved to be effective.Rad Krunic now plays mainly in the back.Playmaker & gt;Winger, a super useful substitute for the team.Do you remember your favorite all-purpose player?

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