Involving more than 10 million yuan, 9 “points running helpers” were arrested!

Brush bank card running water can easily make money, do not directly implement fraud behavior, how to constitute a crime?Police hint: help to carry out information network fraud is also a crime!Recently, nantong police successfully destroyed a criminal gang of “money laundering” for telecom network crimes, captured 9 suspects, involving more than 10 million yuan, seized 73 bank cards, 29 mobile phones, and 2 computers.In January this year, Nantong police launched a verification investigation based on a “two card” clue, a criminal gang headed by Zhao “run points” surfaced.After careful investigation, the police gradually found out the organizational structure and business scope of the gang, personnel identity and foothold.On January 13, nantong police took joint action to successfully capture all the 9 suspects of the gang, and on January 19, zhao wangjing was captured.According to criminal suspect Zhao mou account, its successively draw in many social idled personnel to participate in running points together, clear individual division of labor, to come to participate in “running points” personnel every day to provide 800 yuan fixed salary, to provide bank card “karnong” to provide high commission, Zhao mou himself take transfer flow total 0.8% of commission.According to the investigation, in December 2021, the criminal gang set up a “studio” in a community in Nantong City, where the suspect Zhao was responsible for daily work arrangements, and the rest of the gang members divided their work.By the time of the crime, the gang accumulated “running points” account running up to more than 10 million yuan, a total profit of more than 100,000 yuan.Internet police remind don’t easily get lured into unrealistic high profits on the network, more don’t cry because it is at that time and free rent lend their identity information, account of individual account, payment, etc., once they are criminals for fraud, Internet gambling, money laundering or other illegal and criminal, “accomplice” will become a crime shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.Source: Nantong Network Police

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