Winter Olympics quick review | “science and technology Winter Olympics”, very hardcore

The women’s speed skating team pursuit final of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the “Ice Ribbon” at the National Speed Skating Stadium in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 15, 2018.Hebei Daily reporter Huo Yan ‘en photo with the most hardcore technology, the creation of “the fastest ice”, to provide a unique wonderful Winter Olympics.”The Ice Ribbon is a record-breaking ice.”The carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling system greatly improves the smoothness of the ice, providing the ultimate “Fast and Furious” experience.Mifan Takagi won the gold medal in the women’s 1,000m speed skating on Sunday afternoon, making the “ice Ribbon” the world’s 10th Olympic record.The “ice ribbon” has become the symbol of the “Winter Olympics of Science and Technology”.It is the core support of science and technology, opening up a broader space for “faster, higher, stronger”.In addition to the wonderful events, the Beijing Winter Olympics is equally impressive, it is this thick “scientific winter Olympics” temperament.At the opening ceremony, the ultra high definition ground display system presented a breathtaking visual effect;5G+8K broadcast, to the audience brought a visual feast;Zhangjiakou competition area weather forecast accurate to “100 meters” and “minute”;Beidou Micro base station enters “Snow ruyi”, breaking through the indoor sub-meter positioning problem……A series of new technologies and applications have been implemented in grand events, making the Beijing Winter Olympics a “world-class science and technology exhibition”.The venue of the Winter Olympic Games is the arena of the ice and snow athletes, but also the centralized display of the country’s comprehensive strength.As a “window” to the world, the Beijing Winter Olympics, with its sense of technology and future, once again gave the world a close look at a creative and dynamic China.”The potential of technology is amazing,” Bach said in an interview with CCTV’s Dialogue. “For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, we have really tapped into this potential, and maybe part of the history of the Olympic Games will be written.”– Writing a new history of the Winter Olympics with science and technology.We will continue to write a new chapter in history through scientific and technological innovation, and we will do the same.(CAI Xiaohui)

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