U-ball live: Steve Kerr reiterated that he’s not bothered by the Golden State Warriors superstar’s shooting slump

U-ball Live: Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr remains unfazed by the shooting slump of his talisman, Stephen Curry.The baby-faced assassin didn’t shoot to his usual standard, and fans wondered what went wrong.Ok, the shooting mechanics are certainly not the NBA’s three-point king’s problem, but something is definitely wrong.In a hard-fought win over the Brooklyn Nets, Curry shot 5-18 (27 percent) from the field and 3-10 (30 percent) from beyond the arc.Asked about his star player’s shooting difficulties, Steve Kerr said, “I think he’ll be fine.I knew I would continue to get a problem if he didn’t shoot well, but I wasn’t worried.I’m just not.He’s Steph Curry.One of the greatest players of all time.He had a tough night tonight, but he helped us get the regular win by doing a lot of things besides shooting.Whenever Steph Curry’s shot isn’t falling, he’s using his gravity to open things up for his teammates, which can be seen in his increased assists.He finished with eight points, seven rebounds and three steals in 36 minutes.Stephen Curry didn’t have a great start to the New Year.After breaking the 3-point record at Madison Square Garden, he went into an unprecedented slump.Five of his six worst shooting games have been the season itself, and whenever it feels like he’s out of the doldrums, he records another night off on the floor.Curry shot 6-10 from 3-point range in his last game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and everyone thought his slump was over.However, the problem seems to go deeper than the ball not going into the bucket at all.Many analysts and fans have questioned whether Steph Curry is dealing with injuries or not in the right shape.Steve Kerr put those doubts to rest after the win over the Nets. “He told me he felt great, physically,” he said.We’ve talked a lot about timetables and minutes.I really know what needs to be done in terms of monitoring his minutes and when we can work a little harder.I’ve been talking to Rick [Celebrini] about this as well.I think he’s in good shape.

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