Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to promote the resumption of industrial enterprises to ensure a “good start” in the first quarter

According to the deployment requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on promoting the “good start” of the first quarter of the industrial economy, the provincial industry and information technology system insists on early, fast and solid efforts, and immediately promotes the resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises after the Spring Festival, laying a solid foundation for the “good start” of the first quarter.Production line worker of Huaxi PC Factory in Guizhou Green Building Industrial Park of China Construction Technology.According to the schedule, as of February 10, the resumption rate of industrial enterprises in the province was 87.6%, 16.5 percentage points higher than the previous day, reaching the expected progress.(1) Enterprises have made rapid progress in starting construction.During the Spring Festival in the province, there are more than 600 continuous production enterprises, and more than 300 enterprises started in advance.In terms of the schedule for enterprises to resume work and production, it is expected that the province’s operating rate will reach more than 90% before February 15, and full resumption of work and production will be possible before February 20.2. Key industries maintained good momentum.As of February 10, the province’s daily power supply shows a trend of rising day by day.Most key enterprises in non-ferrous, steel, chemical and other industries maintain continuous production during the Spring Festival, and ensure the stability of raw materials, energy and other elements.The tobacco and alcohol industry is actively promoting the resumption of work and production. Leading key enterprises such as Moutai Group, Guizhou China Tobacco, Guotai Wine and Jinsha Cellar Wine have all started work.(3) Steady industrial production load.According to electricity monitoring data, in January, the province’s industrial electricity consumption increased by 1.3% year on year;Power consumption of general large industries in Guizhou power grid increased by 5.9% year on year.As of February 10, the power consumption of large industries in Guizhou Power Grid has recovered to 104.1% of the average daily power consumption in the same month last year, showing a steady recovery trend.(1) Highlighting the word “early” to strengthen overall planning and deployment.The provincial Party Committee and the provincial government put the resumption of work and production of enterprises after the Spring Festival into the important task of “stable opening” in the first quarter. Since February 8, Governor Li Bingjun has visited enterprises and projects such as Zunyi Jinye Machinery casting Company, Jinjia New intelligent packaging Company, and Zheng ‘an shale gas exploration and development project to conduct research and guide the resumption of work and production.Before the festival, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology formulated and issued the “Work Plan on Doing a Good job in the Resumption of Work and Production after the Spring Festival to promote the” Good start “of the first quarter of the Industrial economy”, arranged detailed tasks in advance and defined the time nodes, and organized 9 working groups to take charge of the supervision and assistance work.Industry and information departments around the advance arrangement of enterprise vacation plan and start time, timely coordination scheduling.Guiyang Huaxi District surface treatment Industrial Park project is under steady construction.2. Highlighting the importance of “fast” and moving quickly to implement it.On the first working day after the Spring Festival, the main leaders of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology immediately led teams to the front lines of industrial enterprises and projects to conduct research and supervision on the resumption of work and production. Leaders of other departments led various working groups to carry out supervision and assistance in related areas, and quickly promoted the special action on the resumption of work and production.Local party committees, governments and industry and information technology departments immediately organized forces to go into the park, enterprises, projects to carry out work, all staff, racing against time to promote enterprises to resume work and production.(3) Highlight the “real” character to do a good job of visiting enterprises.Provincial new industrialization work leading group office issued “on the establishment of leading cadres into the enterprise to visit the” two lists “notice, guide the relevant departments around earnestly do a good job in the enterprise visit activities.All regions paid close attention to the resumption of work and production and paid good visits to enterprises, effectively promoting enterprises to stabilize production, reduce holidays and start work earlier.In liupanshui organization to carry out the stability during the Spring Festival, for example, companies run work, encourage and guide enterprises during the Spring Festival holiday, short off, qianxinan deepening “risk prevention, no downtime, no production” mechanism, carrying out “warm” visit activities, two regions during the Spring Festival continuous production enterprises more than 200 households, as of February 10th,The operating rate of enterprises has reached more than 93%.The special team of qiandongnan Prefecture visited the enterprises and the project line to help them keep their jobs and start work in time. As of February 10, all the enterprises had taken the lead in resuming work and production.A staff member works on a production line at the welding workshop of Geely Automobile Manufacturing Base in Guiyang.Tiger tiger wind!Zunyi Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Focus on “Three and three”, work hard to promote development source: Guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology

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