Pig industry news: sentenced!The stallholder selling “dead pork” in Anshun has been sentenced!

Praise for the God of Tang!Beijing (Reuters) – Tang Renshen will raise wages for its pig production staff by 10%, the company said.Prior to this, Tang Renshen initiated equity incentive and will allocate 4.98% of the shares into three phases for equity incentive. In the first phase, 895 middle and senior management personnel, core or backbone (technical/business) will be granted 55.49 million shares (calculated at the exercise price of 6.2 yuan/share, equivalent to 344 million yuan).2. Pay attention!Shanghai will be implemented before the live pig market “clenbuterol” and its substitutes monitoring program of Shanghai to raise the level of feed and aquaculture product quality and safety, ensure no major real estate in Shanghai pigs, mutton sheep products quality security incident, in 2022 the Shanghai agricultural rural committee will continue to organize property of pigs, mutton sheep “clenbuterol” and its substitutes of rectification of monitoring work,In addition, the “clenbuterol” and its substitutes will be monitored before the real estate live pigs and mutton sheep in Shanghai in 2022.The total number of batches to be monitored is 9,600, including 6,000 batches of live pigs and 1,200 batches of meat sheep, and 1,800 batches of live pigs and 600 batches of meat sheep randomly inspected by flight supervision.3, sentenced!The stallholder selling “dead pork” in Anshun has been sentenced!Recently, the Xixiu District people’s Court publicly sentenced song, he sold “dead pork” case, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of eight months, suspended for one year, fined 3000 yuan, pay ten times the compensation of 6500 yuan;He mou sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for ten months, fined 1000 yuan, pay 10 times the compensation 500 yuan;Song and He were banned from food production, sales and related activities during the probation period, and made public apologies on the national mainstream media.Pig prices do not fall, feed prices rose again, and more than 100 yuan!Since January, pig prices have risen by ten cents and fallen by three cents. Recently, they have been falling to death, and the peak season is not flourishing.Irritating?The most irritating is pig prices stop falling, feed prices rose a few bobo son.Recently, new hope, Tongwei, Haida, Chia Tai, Ao Nong, Anyou, Big North nong pig feed rose 50-100 yuan/ton!This is to “squeeze” the rhythm of dry farmers ah!5. The number of pigs sold in Hunan province at the end of the year reached the highest level in the past five years.At the end of the year, there were 42.02 million live pigs, up 12.5% year on year.Among them, there were 3.681 million sows, up 4.7 percent year on year.The number of live pigs in the market and the number of live pigs at the end of the year have reached the highest level in the past five years.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a message.Meet is fate, give a point of praise, a point of attention to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Xu Xiansen 66

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