Official departure!22 years old national brand forward to join the Fujian men’s basketball team, can prove their own?

Sun Yansong has left The Zhejiang Provincial basketball Association (CBA) for Fujian to help the team compete in the third stage of the tournament, according to the CBA’s registration information.As the team’s star of hope, yan-song sun only 22 years old this year, from rise to a group of 18 to 19 end of the season, yan-song sun never get too many chances, a total of four season played five games, this season is more directly by Liu Weiwei deprecated, after friendly consultation, men’s basketball team in zhejiang and fujian team conclude the transaction,Fujian men’s basketball team signed a new contract of 4 years and 5.5 months.Compared with Zhejiang men’s basketball team, Sun Yansong is more likely to get more playing time and ball rights in Fujian men’s basketball team. Can he prove himself this time?Sun yansong is 2.07 meters tall, can play 4-5 position, can be the team’s offensive point, but also has a certain three-point shooting.In the lineup configuration of Zhejiang men’s basketball team, After Liu Weiwei had Liu Zeyi, Wang Zailu and Zhu Xuhang, Sun Yansong could not get the chance to play, especially in the critical period of the third stage, when Zhejiang men’s basketball team needed to defend the top four positions, let alone risk Sun Yansong to play.In comparison, men’s basketball team fujian need more yan-song sun style flexible strike will play, 6-22, fujian men’s basketball team has lost the basic playoff scramble for qualification, Zhu Shilong to the requirement of the team’s record is not too much, is wants to exercise more young players in the game, fujian men’s basketball team has formally entered the stage of reconstruction.From the record of Jilin Men’s basketball team ranked 12th, Fujian men’s basketball team should guarantee all 10 games in the third stage, and hope jilin, Beikong, Xinjiang and other teams to win no more than 2 games in the third stage. From the overall situation, Fujian men’s basketball team has no hope to make the playoffs.For a potential 22-year-old forward, he will definitely seize the opportunity to play in the CBA again, especially in the short-staffed Fujian men’s basketball team. If Sun yansong can make a breakthrough in the game, he has a good chance to be in the rotation in the future, we will see.

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