Neihuang County Justice Bureau tailor-made public legal service manual for enterprises

Recently, Neihuang County Justice Bureau tailored the “Public legal Service Manual (Business edition)” for the county market players, now the manual has been issued in place, business people, especially enterprise managers widely praised and generally recognized.In a legal consultation activity, the justice bureau of Neihuang County staff found that although the county has built a relatively complete public legal service system, but a considerable number of enterprises and individual businesses do not understand, let alone use.The Justice Bureau of Neihuang County organized some lawyers and professionals to compile the Public Legal Service Manual (Business Edition), which is a practical public legal service guide tailored for market subjects in the county. Basically, if there are legal needs in business activities, solutions and channels can be found from it.The manual introduces the basic information of the public legal service system of Neihuang County in different categories. Specific measures to optimize the business environment issued by various public legal service institutions are listed in detail in the special section, and 12348 free legal consultation number, wechat official number and address and contact information of various public legal service institutions are published.The manual is mainly distributed through three channels: one is distributed to key enterprises in the county by the business office of Neihuang County, the other is distributed to individual industrial and commercial households in towns by the judicial office, and the third is distributed to public legal service organizations.Up to now, the county has issued more than 2,500 copies of the manual, received the manual of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial businesses have expressed gratitude.( anyang news hotline: 186 2372 1000, email “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)

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