Can different brands of skin care products be mixed

The lack of skin discomfort after the combination proves that the combination can be used.1. From the perspective of skin care, if the skin does not feel uncomfortable after mixed use, it can continue to be used.But for sensitive skin, the use of complete sets of products will reduce the stimulation of the skin, but also a few safer.Similarly, to make up a product character also is same, want to be in use process to do not cause discomfort to skin only, make up a product is not need to be a brand.So as long as you don’t get any discomfort when you mix your makeup, it’s proof that it can be used together.2. Although cosmetics can be mixed, it is best not to use more than five brands on your face at the same time.Professional beautician thinks, can mix according to different need protects skin to taste, be helpful for supplementing skin place to need so more nutrition.3, mixed cosmetics precautions: do not use skin care products with similar efficacy at the same time.Use at the same time the effect of similar skin care products will not double the effect of skin care, sometimes it will cancel each other or weak effect.Don’t mix too many products.Each brand of skin care products are different in nature, the skin’s own absorption capacity is limited, too many elements can not be absorbed by the skin will appear rejection reaction.

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