An employee of a Beijing real estate company was jailed for defrauding 8.47 million yuan from an underground bank

Shuai Ke Cong Chen Feng, reporter of, Beijing reported that a fictitious investment in internal housing can obtain high returns. An employee of a real estate company owned by a listed company in Beijing defrauded 4 people of 8.47 million yuan. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison at the first trial.Details of the fraud were revealed in a criminal verdict made public recently by the People’s Court of Xicheng District in Beijing.A reporter from China Times noticed that the defendant wang Yang once promised a victim to return the principal and 45% interest within three months, cheated a huge amount of money and then invested it in an underground bank. He could not recover the money and was jailed at the age of 30.On Feb. 11, a reporter from China Times called the secretary office of the Shanghai company for comment on the case. A person who answered the phone said he had no knowledge of the case and that the court’s decision would prevail.Wang Yang, a man from Gaoyou, Jiangsu province, was born in July 1991 and worked as an employee of a Real estate company in Beijing before the murder, according to a first-instance criminal verdict released by the Beijing Xicheng Court on February 10.The court has been found through the trial, between July 2019 and June 2020, the defendant Wang Yang fictitious investment internal housing, can obtain high returns, the victim tong, Ding, Li, Wen a total of 8.47 million yuan.”China Times” reporters noted that in the 4 victims, tong mou, Ding mou, Li mou are wang Yang’s former colleagues, and Wen mou is a real estate agency employees, and Wang Yang because of work.According to the victim tong mou statement and relevant evidence confirmed that on July 16, 2019, tong mou former colleague Wang Yang gave the wechat, said the Haidian District Xisanqi World Hualong phase three project house to open, Wang Yang can buy with the internal price of 80,000 yuan a square meter, and then sell after the opening.It is to do real estate, know that the residential house is relatively tight, 80,000 yuan a square meter price is relatively low, and Wang Yang’s uncle in its superior company to do the secretary of the board of directors, Wang Yang in the real estate company to work, responsible for the sale of the House, so it thinks Wang Yang said more credible.From July 2019 to December 2019, Tong has transferred 4.6 million yuan in total, part of which is the investment tong pulled from another friend.However, on May 29, 2020, tong called Wang Yang, Wang Yang said the house did not buy, the money can not come back, so the police.The victim Ding mou, Li mou, Wen mou respectively to Wang Yang transfer 800,000 yuan, 800,000 yuan, 2.27 million yuan, their experience and tong mou roughly the same, thought through Wang Yang internal subscription house, and then high resale, earn the difference.The last victim wen to Wang Yang transfer, Wang Yang has been tong, Ding, Li and other three victims urged money, and unable to return.Wang Yang to wen mou income commitment is: three months to return the principal and 45% interest.What happened to the huge sums of money that were promised to be squandered by underground banks?The verdict shows that the defendant Wang Yang has no objection to the public prosecution accused of committing fraud, but argued that it had asked relevant personnel about the internal purchase of the house and heard the news can be operated, to the victim to ask for money, is to get the money after that it can not operate;Then he wanted to get some high returns, so he invested the money in an underground bank, which could not be returned to the victim after failing to recover the money.In fact, according to wang Yang’s company sales department marketing minister MAO testified that the company had developed the World Hualong Moon real estate project, but the project did not have the possibility of internal purchase.Superior supervision is very strict, there is no purchase, special room, etc.And Wang Yang’s daily work is not in touch with the housing sales of The Shhualongyue project.According to MAO, its unit sales of commercial housing are put on record in the Price of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Construction, if there is a price float, the superior will strictly check.Through checking the accounts, the company did not find that Wang Yang had made any remittance to the company, nor did wang Yang buy the houses of The Shhualong Moon project by himself or through others.It is worth mentioning that tong was wang Yang told the victim “money can not come back” that day, that is, May 29, 2020, Wang Yang took the initiative to remove the labor relationship with the company.On Feb. 11, when a Reporter from China Times called the secretary office of the president of the listed company for comment on Wang Yang’s fraud case, a person who answered the phone said he had no knowledge of the case and the court’s decision would prevail.The reporter sent the interview emails to the company’s director secretary and certificate agent’s public mailbox were returned, the reason is “unable to establish a connection with the recipient’s service provider, the recipient domain name may not exist”.There was no positive response to an email sent to the company’s secretary office.The first instance gets fixed – term imprisonment 14 years “pit miserable” while a few former colleague, be worth and the wang Yang of 30 years also paid heavy price for this case.On November 5, 2021, Beijing Xicheng Court made a judgment of first instance: the defendant Wang Yang committed the crime of fraud, sentenced to 14 years in prison, deprived of political rights for three years, and fined 140,000 yuan.Continue to recover Wang Yang illegal gains of 8.47 million yuan, returned 4 victims, failed to recover in place ordered Wang Yang refund.Wang’s sentence will run from February 24, 2021, when he voluntarily surrendered to the police, to February 23, 2035.This meant that, at the age of 30, he had already stepped out of the cage.Wang Yang fraud case after the first instance whether appeal temporarily failed to determine.”China Times” reporter contacted his first trial lawyer, the lawyer told reporters that after the first trial of the case, Wang Yang did not continue to hire him, do not know the follow-up of the case.In the first trial, Wang’s defenders had argued that Wang was an important labor force and economic pillar of his family, with elderly parents and young children to take care of, and was not suitable for long-term detention, and recommended a lighter punishment for Wang.But wang Yang and his counsel’s defense opinions were not adopted.The court of first instance held that Wang Yang, for the purpose of illegal possession, defrauded others of property, the amount was particularly huge, violated the property rights of citizens, its behavior has constituted a crime of fraud, should be punished according to law.About wang argues that it is heard that money can be internal to the victim after purchase to opinion, wang has failed to provide evidence to prove that it has the internal purchase channels, its oneself also recognized within to after the purchase has not told the truth to the victim, and it has been unable to return before May 2020 tong one, being, li mou of money and was traversing,Still in 2020 May in the same way to wenmou defraud money, its illegal possession of the intentional obvious, so the argument is not accepted.In view of the defense of wang Yang’s family conditions, the court said that it had nothing to do with the conviction and sentencing of the case, so it was not accepted.In addition, the court said that although Wang Yang voluntarily surrendered, but to the case after only confessed the fraud victim Wen facts, not truthfully confessed other criminal facts, and the amount of the crime is less than the amount of the crime not truthfully confessed, can not be identified as truthfully confessed the main criminal facts, so can not be identified as surrender.Responsible Editor: Ma Xiaochao Editor: Xia Shen Tea

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