A drug harm 7 million people, was claimed 2.2 trillion bankruptcy, changed the new packaging to our country?

Introduction: Medicine can cure people and save people’s lives. This truth has existed since ancient times. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the expansion of people’s ambition, some people with not simple ideas have hit the pharmaceutical industry, and some innocent people have died for this.Drug use, for many people, is the last straw.A drug harm 7 million people, was claimed 2.2 trillion bankruptcy, changed the new packaging to our country?But in the past, there was a drug directly killed as many as 7 million people, and then the company was declared bankrupt because of 2.2 trillion compensation claims, but now it has come back to our country again with a new look to continue to deceive people, how is it?Because the use of drugs also has two sides, so our country will also carry out strict control of drugs, in order to avoid drugs to people’s health and life risk.And there are clear international standards for drugs, drugs will be clearly marked with the words of illegal drugs and non-illegal drugs.Illicit drugs are simply drugs that are explicitly banned from international circulation because they do not cure diseases but kill people.Even so, there are still people who put illegal drugs on the market for their own gain, including a drug similar to an anesthetic that killed 7 million people.A lot of people think anaesthetic is the medicaments of a kind of paralytic nerve only, not very dangerous, but actually medicaments and applicable crowd wait to have certain requirement.Because once the anesthetic drug is used too much, it will directly lead to the life of the user, so there will be local anesthesia, general anesthesia or no anesthesia during the operation.And once in the international all very famous pharmaceutical factory – Purdue, it once because of selfish interests, and lead to as many as 7 million lives are threatened, this enterprise is founded by the medical family sakqin three brothers.These three brothers have made a lot of achievements in the medical field, and they love this industry very much. They are also very talented in medicine.Because of this innate advantage, they successfully developed an analgesic drug called Methiccontin after starting their own business, and it was quickly put into the market because of its good response.But as the number of people using it grew, the brothers began to worry because, as they observed:After taking this drug, there is a very long incubation period, the body’s absorption process of the drug effect is relatively long, more importantly, once this drug is used for a long time, then the patient will produce dependence and can not quit, which is commonly known as easy to cause addiction drugs.Because of this property, the drug has since been used to treat a variety of terminally ill patients, because for these patients, it is a rare “euthanasia” option.However, due to the characteristics of the drug, the market response has been polarized, and the contradictions and quarrels between the brothers have intensified.But they faced a major decision when the drug was not patented in time.In the end, the brothers went ahead with production and added a cheaper version of oxycodone, successfully renamed OxyContin.At this time, China’s overall medical level has also improved a lot. In order to ensure the health and safety of people in the treatment process, there are very clear provisions on the use of various doses of drugs.If oxycodone this kind of composition, our country sets one-time oral content can not exceed 10 mg.The amount of oxycodone, however, already exceeds that requirement.If used over a long period of time, this drug will cause irreparable harm to the human body, according to a professional medical analysis.So our country’s attitude to this effect is very obvious analgesic drugs is very clear, that is to prohibit the sale.However, under the temptation of huge interests, the enterprise did not stop, but recruited their agents from all over the world, and in only 4 years, it has spread its agents all over the world.Some of the unscrupulous traders, knowing that such drugs are explicitly forbidden, dilute the ingredients and then sell them to patients on the black market, which is exactly the operation that has victimized many patients in the country.However, this kind of black heart behavior was exposed before long, and was sentenced to a fine of up to 21 DOLLARS by the court. Later, because of the number of victims, so after these people publicly claimed 2.2 trillion yuan compensation, the pharmaceutical company went bankrupt directly, and became a negative example in the pharmaceutical industry.Conclusion Although he has a very outstanding medical ability, but his mind is not right, and put too much emphasis on interests, then it is also a waste of resources, not only will not benefit mankind, but will become a sharp weapon to hurt people.Today’s topic: this drug harm 7 million people, was claimed 2.2 trillion bankruptcy, change the new packaging to cheat people in China?

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