2.18 Bundesligue 2 + Ligue 1: lille are more conciliated than Schalke 04?

Schalke 04 were relegated to the bottom of the Bundesliga last season with three wins, seven draws and 24 losses in 34 matches on Friday in bundesliga 001 v Paderborn.This season, the team has lacked consistency but is still one of the favourites for promotion.Schalke 04 are in fifth place with 11 wins, four draws and seven defeats after losing 2-1 at Dusseldorf in the last round of the league.Among them, Schalke 04 home performance is relatively stable, nearly 11 home, only 3 defeats.Borborborn, in the 2019-20 Bundesliga, were a poor team and were relegated as vice president.Last season, in the Bundesliga, it was a mediocre performance for a team with top-flight experience.The whole season down, finally in the middle of the league.So far this season, although its overall performance is the same as last season, but the team is showing a weak trend.Currently, the team is ranked eighth in the league with eight wins, eight draws and six losses after 22 matches.Analysis: Both teams have Bundesliga experience and schalke 04 beat Borborn 1-0 away in the first leg of the season.So, combined with the overall performance of the two teams, Schalke 04’s profile is higher than that of Berberen.However, it is worth noting that Berberstein are the only team to remain unbeaten away from home this season, and against the better teams, can avoid relegation.In this trade-off, the two teams have no obvious pull, and the data side directly out of the home team half of the concession, has been fully supported, and the subsequent pull to 0.75, Schalke 04 win power will be more sufficient.Win, score suggestion:1-0 2-1 on Friday 008 French lille VS mace lille last round with a 1-0 victory over montpellier, team successfully put an end to the league two defeats, currently ranked 10th championship, actually since December last year, state of lille was recovered, but really lose points seriously at the beginning of the season and has also led to they now want to go back to top is very difficult,Just keep fighting around the middle.Mace this season low performance, nearly 10 games only two wins, the whole season so far only four wins, leading to the current team in the relegation zone, in fact, Mace lost points in the main ground at home, the team away performance is still good, this season away result league 9th, lille is expected to win points.Analysis: considering the recent situation and strength of both sides, for Lille to make -1.25 concessions, enough to see the gap, but it needs to be noted that Lille home record is actually very general, and Mys are away to steal points one of the teams, in the case of data opened so big, must be wary of Lille hot reversal.Let negative, score suggestion: 1-1 -2

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