There are also grades of mothers’ blood types. Mothers with type O blood are blessed, not superstitious, but based on certain facts

We all know that different people have different blood types, and almost no one has ever considered whether there is a relationship between blood type and a child’s intelligence.Children’s intelligence may be influenced by their mothers’ blood types, with mothers with type O blood more likely to have children with higher IQs, according to data from a genetic study at Stanford.Therefore, if the mother is type O blood, then, the child is born has won in the starting line, why such a situation?Why do Mothers with type O blood make better babies?Many people have been skeptical that mothers with type O blood make better children, thinking it could be pseudoscience or superstition.But there is some truth to this claim.A recent study found that people with type O blood have a harder time getting pregnant.The reason they have trouble conceiving is because only high-quality sperm survive the difficult process of mating with an egg with type O blood.If the sperm is not strong enough, it is not qualified to come to the egg.Therefore, type O blood babies at the beginning of birth, is the best, smooth pregnancy after childbirth, natural is also a better baby.Blood type O is an ancestral gene for longevity, and babies with type O blood will naturally acquire some of those traits.For example, the baby will have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, has a strong resistance to external erosion and so on.In general, babies with type O blood will be more resilient.Babies with type O blood have a congenital advantage, so their health and development are better, and better development will also improve the baby’s body activity, which will make the nerve benign stimulation, which will make the baby become more hearing and visual.However, even if the baby has a congenital advantage, to really become excellent, still need to rely on the nurture, if parents can not properly cultivate children, then children will not become very smart.If you want your child to have a good future, you should pay attention to these aspects. A) Pay attention to your child’s nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation of a child’s healthy development.In order for children to get enough nutrition, we mainly start from the following two aspects: » The diet of children is provided by parents, so parents should ensure the diversity of children’s diet and ensure that children can eat adequate and balanced nutrition.Create a healthy dining environment for your child, and avoid factors that affect your child’s eating, such as watching TV.Pay attention to master better cooking, after all, good taste and texture can let children continue to maintain a good appetite.Pay attention to food hygiene, the processing of food materials must be clean, raw and cooked food should be separated.»Children are the main body of nutrition intake, so we also need to pay attention to some problems: develop healthy eating habits, not picky, not anorexia, not overeating.Eat little or no snacks to avoid interfering with meal intake.Wash your hands before and after using the toilet, and pay attention to the hygiene before and after meals.B) Pay attention to children’s habits and personalities If children want to grow up healthily, then children’s habits and personalities are also a very important factor.A child with good character and habits will naturally develop better, while a child with bad character and habits is likely to face more frustrations.Therefore, we should pay attention to: (1) pay attention to the child’s character and habit problems, if the child has any bad habits or character problems, to help the child to correct in time, let the child get rid of their influence.(2) when correcting children’s wrong habits or characters, take guidance, encouragement and other positive ways, try not to take criticism, scolding and other negative ways, so that children can accept parents’ education, in order to achieve the desired effect.③ Children’s emotional problems are important factors affecting children’s development, so teach children how to correctly control emotions, how to correctly release emotions, so as to keep children’s psychological environment healthy.C) Pay attention to the child’s moral concept the child’s moral concept is closely related to the child when he or she enters the society and interacts with people. And whether the moral concept is correct also determines whether the child can obtain greater achievements in the future.Therefore, parents must pay attention to the cultivation of children’s moral concept, let children be polite and law-abiding, help children establish the right view of right and wrong, help children establish the right values, let children have the right moral concept.In cultivating the moral concept of children, parents have a question need to pay special attention to, which is itself for the child’s parents, some parents itself is know how correct moral concept, but its performance and correct moral concept, it will form a wrong exemplary role to the child, to let the children learn some incorrect behavior.In addition, parents also need to change often pay attention to the child’s ideas, and the best way to understand the child grow up to, is to accompany children more, after the communication and interaction with their children, children to explore whether there is a conceptual problem, whether there is a psychological problem, etc., once found that children have this problem, parents need to timely intervention, to help the children correct ideas,Eliminate confusion, let the child grow up healthily.Children with type O blood have a natural advantage, but to maintain this advantage, it is more important to nurture.Therefore, parents should not be complacent about their child’s type O blood, but to do their best to teach children, so that children will become the ideal of excellence.(The pictures in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)

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