The event opened a new chapter for Trumpchi as a “user-oriented enterprise”

This event belongs to Yingbao owners. Nearly 100 car owners from all over the country come to Tianjin to gather together.To share the unique to shadow leopard people happy have also friends for light shadow leopard group’s operation of BSFLP and preach qi “elder brother” except was deeply moved by light also eagerly responded to the friends of the concern and expectation and tells the story of ourselves as kei man’s mission and bear this is gac and kei with cyclists face to face with the user to create a brand for the first time is also the kei to the “user enterprises” at the beginning of the transformation of site preparationThe game that many young people like is surrounded by a lot of car owners’ photos, which are also the car owners’ own car shadow. Leopard car friends enter their home court as if back home, warm and comfortable. Because of the same love for each other, they hit it off and met each other at first sight.Meeting huan together into this belong to them and shadow leopard “happy city” everything comes from love back in 2018 when the kei people a common decided to make a shadow of leopard was born in a kei GA4, preach after kei GA6 gac kei decided to make a can ignite passion exclusive young young Chinese drivers “chariot” had a target,In the past three years, GAC Trumpchi has been constantly exploring the needs of young users, digging into their preferences and allowing users to participate in research and development and marketing. Finally, in August this year, this user-co-created trumpchi leopard specially created for young users is not profitable.When make friends “gac and kei institute project development director jian-hua luo said this would be to launch a shadow leopard beginner’s mind does not forget beginner’s mind, must always the birth of the shadow of leopard is condensed the qi people, users work together is called bao jianfeng from honed painstakingly created a shadow behind leopard high quality also won the love of many owners happy, proud,”I’m the owner of shadow Leopard,Is also a race car driver, “the story of the leopard owner NieChao and shadow some crazy is because hobby racing NieChao originally wanted to attend the shadow of leopard of ice and snow test results because delays took part in the east China sea test drive but zui ran out of the official announced time of 6.95 seconds faster – 6.73 seconds high-performance let NieChao instantly fell in love with such a shadow of leopard he place an order immediately and said he would put his modifiedOn the track owner li a “oolong” event happened and shadow leopard li at night to open the shadow leopard exhaust checked the traffic police for drunk driving in the street suddenly after police hear shadow of leopard of exhaust noise stopped him think that it is illegal to modified the results after investigation found is the exhaust Li Songshui shadow leopard, buy this car is for the sake of the sound “I drove a shadow,After that, Li Song and his friends showed off that there were many interesting things happened between the owner and Shadow Leopard. In the final analysis, many owners said that “now the owner of shadow Leopard will be GS8 or even M8 owner in the future.”Drivers and shadow leopard story continues for the next pass kei shadow leopard can better development drivers have also made Suggestions is more comforting to drives today to be able to smooth shadow leopard owners gathered across the country early opinion on October 23rd meeting conducted an offline spontaneously to discuss feasibility Suggestions “very have a sense of mission and sense of responsibility” owners pinkyAnd speaking of that,Today live all across the country, all shadow leopard juyou represents the owner they will as the voice of the national film leopard owner drivers on shadow leopard next products, drives to operations, and preach qi brand operations are proposed for the kei shadow leopard better development contributes own strength drivers behind this passion without love of shadow leopard more from the gac keiThe establishment of Tianjin Auto Friends Association is a brand new beginning for owners and brands to create. It is the first attempt of two-way communication and joint construction between users and enterprises. It is also the beginning of the transformation of GAC Trumpchi brand into a user-oriented enterprise.After a wonderful exchange, Zhang Yuesai, general Manager of GAC Passenger Vehicles, presented the flag to Su Zhiyu, president of Tianjin Yingbao Automobile Association. The original intention of Tianjin Yingbao Automobile Association was to listen to the users’ authentic voice and constantly find problems, in addition to building their own sharing platform for light friends.There was no leader or owner in this activity. They were all friends, so they called Zhang Yuexi “Sai Ge”. Sai Ge said:”This is just a beginning of tianjin drives as shadow leopard juyou’s first yi station next shadow leopard drives will be growing more and more become the kei brand drives to continuously carry forward more to listen to the voice of the user to the brand idea of” user-centric “in effect for the drivers to make a really belong to his car everyone’s expectations, kei is the struggle of power” in the future,Gac Trumpchi will practice the concept of user co-creation, love light friends, embrace light friends, join hands to create light life and create a new benchmark of Chinese brand “Yingbao Light Friends, Yingbao Love”

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