The bid amount of solid waste in January is over 10 billion yuan!Sanitation market fragmentation problem to be solved

The fragmentation of the car sanitation market is becoming more and more obvious.After the Spring Festival, Environmental Protection Circle made statistics on the financial winning bids in the solid waste market in January (including pre-winning bids and pre-qualification projects), and found that the total amount involved was about 12.6 billion yuan, of which the total amount of the winning bids and pre-winning projects exceeded 10.8 billion yuan.Big data reflects two trends: First, waste incineration is still the mainstream of the market, and competition may become more intense in the future;Second, the heat of the sanitation market is not reduced, but the problem of fragmentation still needs attention.In particular, the trend of fragmentation of the sanitation market and the tendency of “local protectionism” reflected by local governments deserve the attention of all insiders in the industry.In January, solid waste market released a total of 11 solid waste incineration projects, involving investment of more than 5 billion yuan.Although the waste incineration subsidy has become a trend, and the market is close to saturation, the increment is about to reach the top, the whole industry may change from blue sea to red sea.But from the current point of view, waste incineration project is still the mainstream of solid waste industry.Correspondingly, competition for projects has become more intense.For example, China United Engineering co., LTD., Zhejiang No.2 Construction Group Co., LTD., and Kangheng Environment Co., LTD won the general contracting project of Ningbo Dongqiao Waste incineration power Generation new project with a total investment of 420 million yuan. At the beginning, 20 bidders participated in the bidding, and 12 of them (including the consortium) passed the prequalification examination.And hunan ningxiang city life garbage incineration power generation the PPP projects, with a total investment of 660 million, passed the prequalification participation main body is 15, among them, Shanghai everbright environment environment, deep green, green power, Kang Heng, wei-ming environmental protection, the first environment, wide rings cast, teda environmental protection and other industries, leading enterprises appear on the fierce competition.The scene of dozens of industry leaders competing for a big project is becoming more and more common in the field of waste incineration.It is estimated that as the number of new projects continues to decrease in the future, the competition may become more intense.In the future, leading enterprises will focus on waste incineration, while the field of sanitation continues to enjoy a hot market as always. In January, the project involved more than 4.6 billion yuan, almost equal to waste incineration, and the competition of some projects is also more intense.For example, the project of municipal road Sanitation and cleaning in Huadu District, Guangzhou (Xinhua Street area) has attracted 18 enterprises to participate in two packages with a total service fee of 76 million yuan.Anhui Huaibei City sanitation integration franchise project, cooperation period of 8 years, the budget of the cooperation period of the government to pay more than 1 billion yuan of operating service fees.Results After the tender announcement was issued, 43 national and local suppliers participated in the bidding, and finally 25 enterprises including Zhonghuan Clean, Yingfeng Zhonglian Environment, Yuhetian, Jinlu Environment, Fulongma, Qiaoyin Shares, Beikong Urban Environmental Service Group and other environmental sanitation leading enterprises passed the prequalification.In fact, such intense competition for projects large and small is not unique to 2022.According to some public reports, the sanitation market has been developing since 2017.▼ table 2 since 2017, we have some competitive sanitation project list, one of the reasons is the sanitation market barriers to entry is relatively low, sanitation, water and sanitation equipment manufacturing enterprises or business waste treatment enterprises, and some of the property, the botanical garden enterprise in such aspects as resources, business content, has the certain affinity, associations, companies in these fields of transboundary environmental sanitation,Increased market competition.With the gradual development of the market, Matthew effect is further strengthened, and the competition among enterprises is increasingly fierce. In the future, the market will continue to focus on leading enterprises.Under the trend that market competition is increasingly concentrated in leading enterprises, the segmentation and fragmentation of the sanitation market itself has not been improved correspondingly, but in some cases has been strengthened.For example, in the Quxi Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, in Table 1, the total budget of service fees for 10 streets and one town is about 600 million yuan.But the project is divided into 11 package, since last August start bidding, 11 projects successively by wenzhou fubon environment good helper of zhejiang, zhejiang jia set beauty and environment, the east zhejiang, zhejiang ShuHuan environment, the group six companies won the bid, the dragon of fubon environment, a total of 4, good helper and ShuHuan environment in the two standard,Jialimetron, Litong Environment and Fulongma each win a bid.The integrated service project of sanitation and cleaning, sanitation public toilets, greening and river management in Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan province, with a total service fee of 570 million RMB in 3 years, was finally divided into 6 bidding pieces, which were won by 6 local companies.Last year, chengdu Shuangliu District Municipal Administration divided the project into 16 bidding sections, attracting 108 enterprises to participate in the bidding, and 17 enterprises won the bid together.In the sanitation market has gone through the sanitation +, sanitation integration and has reached the stage of urban services, this method of marking segments seems to be somewhat incompatible with the market trend.However, when we think about it carefully, different local governments also need to face different realities based on the increasingly high standards and strict requirements of the whole society and the superior government.In some regions where the economy is not developed enough and the marketization process is relatively slow, procurement in marked segments may enable existing vehicles, equipment and personnel who are not capable of upgrading to play more roles, and at the same time reflect the thinking inertia and behavior results of local protectionism.For example, in the project of Huadu District in Guangzhou mentioned above, even though qiaoyin Shares, Yuhetian and other giants who have been deeply engaged in the field of sanitation for more than ten years participated in it, the final big winner is still the local property enterprises.Wenzhou and Chengdu projects are the same, even if there are fulongma, Zhonglian Environment, Yuhetian, Jiaobao Garden and other well-known enterprises in the industry, the better can still get “a little meat”, while the local enterprises have the last laugh, and it is “hello, I am good, everyone is good”.Many people in the sanitation industry have criticized the fragmented procurement of sub-standard sections.They believe that this kind of behavior the split of a unified urban services, make enterprises in different areas of the service of the equipment and personnel to realize unified configuration and management, not only reduce the operational efficiency of equipment and personnel, also reduces the information and experience sharing opportunities, equivalent to increase the operation cost, at the same time increased the emission, the traffic,It is not conducive to more efficient resource integration and capacity allocation of newly entered capital, and ultimately is not conducive to the improvement of the overall environmental effect.Sanitation market from the traditional cleaning, development to sanitation +, integration of sanitation, and even to urban services, is the inevitable trend of social development and urban management.Sanitation industry is best to comply with the development of this trend, irreversible historical trend and move.

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