Redmi K50 series price exposure, 1999 yuan classic price continues, but was questioned by science media

Bige Technology Sharing:Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi is about to welcome the update iteration release of its flagship mobile phone of the New Year. The new generation of flagship mobile phone Redmi K50 series has attracted much attention since its introduction into the Internet. When the new phone is released, its product manager Lu Weibing is also urged to send a new phone every day by rice fans, and the social media platform account is urged to release every day.Said that he would not post, which shows that its popularity is high.The new generation of Redmi K50 series in Lu Weibing rendering warm-up stage a lot of configuration information is exposed, especially the performance of the chip processor, this generation of Redmi K50 series or will become a xiaomi phone history of flagship chip coverage of the most a series, can say lu Weibing is “the next blood”.The current exposure of its supported chips are:870, qualcomm qualcomm Xiao dragon Xiao dragon 8 mobile platforms, mediatek phegda 8000 and mediatek phegda 9000, in addition to qualcomm Xiao dragon 870, other three chips are the latest flagship level chip processor chip suppliers, and 8 Xiao dragon mobile platforms and phegda 9000 is positioning for the high-end flagship cell phone use.So the configuration of the flagship chip also confirmed lu Weibing said that Redmi K50 series positioning upgrade setting, is no longer the previous positioning of high-end mobile phone products, but positioning of the flagship level of mobile phone series.Therefore, the outside world has been speculating that the positioning upgrade does not mean that its price will rise, and it is difficult to continue the classic price of 1999 yuan of the previous generation.Now for its flagship smartphone, battery life, screen, performance, and satisfy all image ability and enough people care about most is the price, is already a sea of mobile phone market, there are too many alternatives, the price is too high because consumers to the brand’s nostalgia feelings, turned toward your phone competing goods, if not in line with market expectations, so the pricingThe sales must have been predictable.Overseas media platforms have users exposed the Redmi K50 series of various models and versions of the price, the classic price of 1999 yuan continued.The content shows that the basic Redmi K50 powered by Snapdragon 870 will cost 1,999 yuan for 67W super fast charge and the Redmi K50 Pro powered by Breguet 8000 will cost 2,699 yuan for 66W super fast charge.Breguet 9000’s Flagship Redmi K50 Pro+ is priced at rmb3,299 for a 120W super fast charge, while Snapdragon 8’s Redmi K50 esports is priced at RMB3,499 for a 120W super fast charge.The classic price of 1999 yuan continues, rice noodles can cheer.However, this price has been questioned by other technology media. An Tutu believes that the price of this generation of Redmi K50 series will definitely increase, and there will not be the same classic price as the previous generation, because not only the chip cost has increased, but also the product positioning itself has been improved, and the price increase is an inevitable trend.But they also said prices for the base model should not rise much.Smart comments on digital topics are here:The Redmi K50 series will increase in price, but not all models will increase in price. The basic models supported by Snapdragon 870 will maintain the classic price of RMB 1999, and there will be price increases for large cups, extra-large cups and esports versions. The pricing strategy will be like this.Already took care of the user also unapt oneself lose money.How’s that?Is this Redmi K50 series pricing acceptable to you?Will you still support it?The snapdragon 778G chip is rich in mobile phones with high appearance level, Xiaomi Civi and Honor 60. Whose interpretation do you prefer? If you want to know more exciting content, please come to bige Technology

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