Red flag HS7 parity sales, can test drive

In the interior of the carriage, red Flag HS7 in addition to using a large number of soft material package, but also the use of wood decorative board decoration, the overall looks more high-end, has a good texture performance.And 12.3 inches full LCD instrument and 10.1 inches multimedia control screen, also brought a good sense of science and technology to the car.The central control adopts a large area of soft material package, and feel and texture are very good, the middle is equipped with a 10.1 inch touch LCD screen, very rich functions.In terms of power, Hongqi HS7 is equipped with 3.0T turbocharged and 3.0L V6 supercharged engines, with a maximum power of 252 and 248 respectively, matching with an 8-gear automatic transmission.Most notably, the 3.0T engine, developed by FaW, is no less capable than Volkswagen’s EA888 and has a 7.9l fuel consumption per 100km.In terms of power, the new 2021 hongqi HS7 is equipped with a 3.0t engine, which has a maximum output power of 248 kw and a peak torque of 390N•m.In the car configuration, red Flag HS7 version is equipped with front side airbag, cruise cruise, uphill assist, steep slow descent, panoramic skylight, electric trunk, induction wiper and other configurations.And has the most advanced active safety technology in China, and fully comply with the European and Australian safety collision standards, the previous article said that these functions will only appear in the high matching models above.In terms of intelligent technology safety configuration, HONGqi HS7 is equipped with AEB automatic braking system, LDW lane departure warning, etc., and APA3.0 parking function, supporting a variety of parking scenarios such as side, vertical and oblique.

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