March departure!Focus 2021 brings you a new journey!

Passion comes from life, face each day with a positive attitude, can always find those neglected areas, if picked up again, it will surely give life more, more exciting, more burning passion!Focus 2021, Passion car, when burning by me, 2022, continue to explode!Time: March 1st, 2022 — March 31st, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.① Buy Fox 2021, enjoy unencumbrance loan, take the loan of 50,000 yuan 59 period as an example, the daily supply as low as 33 yuan.* The above loan products are provided by many financial institutions in cooperation with Changan Ford. Customers can choose financial institutions to apply for loans independently.* Contact your local distributor for details.Focus 2021, whether it is smooth and shaped body lines, or Michelin PS4 high-performance tires, or ST Line exclusive sport rear wing that enables you to fly close to the ground, all bring more stylish and burning driving experience to drivers, and let young people love it.Modern vehicles equipped with AI intelligence are no surprise, but the Focus 2021 knows you better!SYNC?+ Zhixing infotainment system, based on the AI intelligence of Baidu’s huge database, allows you to be on call whenever you need;”Ford Blue Friend” is a close companion to chat with you, and constantly learn your preferences, and different anthropoid expressions with different driving scenarios, make your journey full of fun;At the same time, the matching 8-inch color display and 12.3-inch color touch screen, B&O brand sound system and 10 speakers, make you immersive, as if you are in the 3D panoramic world at any time.The upgraded AAR intelligent Xinfeng system, with PM2.5 filtration system, creates a “forest oxygen bar” for you, making driving and riding more secure!Up to 1500MPa body material and 33% boron steel body, creating a high strength cage body, at the same time front and rear all-round protection of the airbag, for you to bring an indestructible all-round protection barrier, driving safety to a new height.With high-performance EcoBoost?The 2021 Focus with 180 turbocharged twin jet engine has a peak torque of 243N·m, combined with an 8-speed manual automatic integrated transmission and e-Shifter knob shift, allowing the passion to be released completely and burning at will.The 2021 Focus will bring you passion in ways you never expected. It will bring you every moment of your life.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)

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