It is well known that the DPP authorities are “going to China”

[News page – Taiwan Network] China News Service, Beijing, February 18, subject:The Education department of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has revised the “Compendium of the Mandarin Dictionary” in order to avoid gender discrimination, adding the words “maternal grandparents” and “grandma”.However, Taiwan’s public opinion and people clearly see that no matter how grandiose the “packaging” is, it is nothing more than a small act of “de-Sinification”.A survey conducted by Yahoo Kimo, a Taiwanese web portal, showed that 93.4 percent of voters as of Monday opposed the change.Some people have questioned whether the song “Granny’s Penghu Bay” should be changed as the authorities say.The policy decision has triggered strong opposition from many people on the island.In recent days, most opinion leaders do not agree that the term “maternal grandparents” is a manifestation of “gender discrimination”, and it seems to be a storm in a teacup to label it politically incorrect.Some scholars in the island wrote to the media that, from a cultural point of view, it is the essence of Chinese culture to address relatives clearly.Another opinion in the island said, “The insistence on treating grandparents and maternal grandparents equally, collectively referred to as The Granny in Hokkien, is also attached to the purpose of ‘de-Sinicization’?”The DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) has come to power twice, and has never stopped its efforts to “fight against the Middle” in various fields.From “go to Chinese history” and “go to classical Chinese”, to the deliberate division of language into “local” and “foreign”, and now “foreign grandparents” are not seen, the DPP authorities are searching for every link in the island’s social culture.However, no matter how much DPP politicians flak, the reality of cultural identity is hard to change.During this year’s Spring Festival, people from all walks of life on both sides of the Taiwan Straits sent New Year’s greetings to relatives and friends on the other side of the strait via video, and constantly flooded the Internet.Many mainland cities participated in the Lantern Festival;”Legend of Zhen Huan”, a Chinese mainland TV drama, was re-broadcast on the island’s TV websites during the Spring Festival holiday and still generated a huge audience surge.Various facts show that the cultural gene that runs deep in the bone is not “diluted” by political manipulation.The more trouble the DPP authorities make, the more division and confrontation in Taiwan society will be further exacerbated.As the COVID-19 epidemic and egg shortage continue to plague the island, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) should focus on the people’s livelihood and address the real concerns of the island’s people, rather than trying to be rhetorical.(China News Service reporter Rong Haisheng source:

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