“How is she under the epidemic?” a man in Shandong province wanted to find his girlfriend 20 years ago

On March 16, 2022, A man surnamed Wang from Shandong province turned to China Business Daily – Ersanli Information for help, hoping to find his former girlfriend 20 years ago through the platform.Mr. Wang said that he worked in Antu county before, now settled in Shandong, former girlfriend named Zhang Ping, nong ‘an, about 44 years old, graduated from Yanbian University.”She and I are met through QQ together in 2000, when she go to school, I go to work, among many times, but a year later I don’t know the reason why she suddenly break up with me, after she and I broke contact, I don’t have her any contact way, I also have a family now, the recent outbreak of jilin province, just to see the platform,I hope I can find her and check on her.”Mr. Wang’s contact information: 15806360990 (Wang Jinjin, reporter of China Business Daily)

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