Guangdong man is drunk after nail into coffin cremation: bottom mutual harm, is the biggest evil of human nature

For Chen Xiangmei, who lives in Guangdong province, her life came to an end in 2017 when her second son, Lin Shaoren, disappeared.Lin shaoren, though, was a special presence for his family: a man with Down syndrome.It wasn’t until he was four years old that he learned to call mom, and it wasn’t until he was nine years old that he could call dad.But neither she nor her husband ever gave up on this silly son.Chen clearly remembers that her husband was so happy that he went to the market and bought a fish to celebrate.The other five Lin children also understood their parents’ preference for their silly brother.They agreed that when the family property was divided, they would draw lots to decide who would inherit the house.Whoever inherits the house takes care of his parents and stupid brother: “If his parents are gone, we take care of him.”The family was poor, but warm and friendly.Lin Shaoren so in the honey pot to successfully grow to 30 years old.Although he still has the IQ of a five-year-old, he can clearly express simple daily needs, take care of himself and remember his name and address.He even made good friends with the owner of the small supermarket at the entrance to the village.After breakfast, I would walk slowly to the supermarket and sit at the door watching people coming and going.Someone to buy things, he actively help supermarket owners to pass things, carry rice.He knows that selling scrap can help support his family, so he picks up scrap metal at the dump after lunch.At dinnertime, Mr. Lin would say goodbye to his boss and shuffle home again.In 2017, Lin’s younger brother Lin Shaolong got married and had a baby.The newborn nephew is very cute, Lin Shaoren likes very much, often go to his brother’s home to visit the little nephew.On the first day of March, he said goodbye to his younger brother Lin Shaolong with a smile after seeing his nephew, and left with his usual rag-picking woven bag.Not far from home, Chen xiangmei cooked dinner, but never waited until her son came home.Lin Shaoren is missing.The police force of the whole county was mobilized, but could not find any trace of Lin Shaoren.Lin’s father fell ill from then on, but refused to treat the disease, and kept the money to find his son.He died within a year of his illness and concern for his son.Over time, many concerned neighbors would come to Lin’s house from time to time and ask, “What about yours?”What happened to Lin Shaoren, the brotherly fool who loved to make his nephew laugh and sunbathe with his friends?In early January this year, a criminal verdict was published on the Chinese Court Document website, revealing the whole truth about Lin’s disappearance – it turned out that he had been murdered on the very day he disappeared.The killer’s name is Huang Songbin. He’s lame.When the police interviewed him, his neighbors did not believe that he was capable of such a thing: “very nice”, “usually polite, good relations with the neighbors.”But in huang songbin’s wife’s eyes, her husband is a rascal.Bald-headed among namely murderer Huang Songbin drops out of school as a child, often with a few social youth fool around.When they were first married, Huang songbin did take some time to relax, Ms. Huang recalled.But it didn’t last long.Huang songbin was disabled in 2013 when he suffered a comminuted fracture of his lower leg in an accident.Since then, Huang songbin has changed greatly.He started hanging out with his old friends again, often coming home every few days reeking of alcohol.Mrs. Huang will be concerned about where he went at first, but each care will only be abused by Huang Songbin, and even developed into domestic violence.Sometimes it’s a slap, sometimes it’s a sudden kick.Teenage couple, but the husband is not the man who married him.Mrs. Huang did not think of divorcing him, and her life was so dismal.No one bundles huang Songbin, more and more depraved at the same time, the heart and a gas.He felt “despised by my wife” and “despised by my children” because of his disability.Once when he was drunk, he murmured to his drinking friends, “It’s all social injustice!”Because of his disability, he had few job opportunities and made ends meet by working as a driver for a funeral home.Slant his ambition low hand, feel the money is too slow, always pondering to “soar”.Thus, when the funeral brokers c.w, asked him if he want to do a big, he accepted without hesitation, especially after to pay is 90000 yuan, more don’t care about this he live a bit ridiculous – due to the local funeral regulated, a 50 years old man, died of illness, do not want to be cremated, hoping to find a shape similar to cremation, “double”Then he buried himself.Huang Songbin thought: “Is not looking for a corpse, easy.”But he didn’t find a suitable body until two days before the delivery date.He is nasty.In his “cornered” occasion, see in the roadside Lin silly son.Before the attack, Mr. Huang confirmed, he recalled at the trial, where Mr. Lin was taken: “When we talked with him in the car, we found that he was mentally retarded, but not violent.”Huang Songbin think this is an excellent “corpse”, so coax Lin Shaoren into his van, directly with wine drunk dizzy him.As if to embolden himself, he said, “I had a drink myself.”Then, at night, he sealed the coffin with four nails and hid it near his home.He didn’t even go to confirm whether Lin Shaoren was alive or dead, but couldn’t wait to contact the middleman: “The goods are ready”.We all know the rest.The Lin son was transported to a funeral home for cremation, while the buyer’s coffin was buried in a pre-selected grave.The rich family also invited a fengshui master from another province to see the tomb site, sitting on the mountain and looking at the water, which means “looking for wealth”.Buyers feel complete — fulfilling their elders’ last wishes;The broker and Mr. Huang also felt satisfied – they had made a fortune.They don’t care what Mr. Lin’s death will do to his family.According to Mr. Huang, “Isn’t that a fool?”The dead are worth more than the living From the notice received by the police, to the hearing of the case, to the end of the trial, the police closed the case, the Lin family have not seen Huang Songbin’s family, also have not seen the family “bought” Lin Shaoren.Lin Shaolong is even in court day, only the first time through the video, see that lead to their home fragmented murderer.He was a very ordinary, middle-aged man with a square face and of medium height.”I don’t see any guilt on his face,” Mr. Lin said.Lin Shaolong how also can’t understand, Lin Shaoren is clearly a living person!Why would the killer feel as free as if he killed a chicken?On September 8, 2020, the court made a first-instance judgment: huang Mou Bin was sentenced to death for intentional homicide, and the 90,000 yuan obtained illegally was handed over to the state Treasury.Lin Shaoren’s case was settled, but this business, which relies on the dead to make a fortune, continues in the dark.In Lin’s town, for example, the government has been promoting cremation for years, with little effect.The villagers stubbornly believed that cremation was “degrading to our ancestors” and refused to accept it.There was once a funeral brigade vice captain and members, in the day to stop the funeral, not only beaten, but also imprisoned by family members, until the public security organs came, to be rescued.It is frightening to think that this is not just a local problem.During the years when the state promoted cremation, countless people came up with all kinds of ways to avoid cremation for the so-called “last wishes of our ancestors”, which eventually gave birth to a huge industry of body peddling.So some people began to rob tombs;Even more, such as Huang Shaobin, intentional murder to sell corpses.In 2004, Shanxi Huozhou woman Tang mou, heard that female corpse in the Yin marriage market can be sold for money.He cruelly strangled his daughter’s 12-year-old classmate and sold more than 20,000 yuan.The news, as gruesome as it is, makes it clear that the vulnerable are falling prey to cadaver gangs.”You don’t usually find family members, and no one bothers you when you’re found out.”So Huang shaobin will choose Lin Shaoren start – because he is a “general will not be trouble fool”.Even more puzzling is the fact that the perpetrator of the attack on the weak is also one of the vulnerable.Often encounter such cases, the public used to blame the dregs of feudal thought at work.However, every year more and more vicious incidents, after all, not a simple “feudal dregs” can be put off.Momo feels that it’s not bad habits that kill people, but people.If no one practices these “feudal dross”, it is nothing more than ink on paper.Feudal dross exists, but it is people who make choices.In the final analysis, the feudal dross has always been there, but people with conscience will choose to abandon it, and the perpetrators will use it, turn it into a weapon of crime, and say that “it is feudal ethics that eats people”.But it is not the feudal ethics that eats people, but the people hiding behind them!In the comments section of every vicious case, there are always some white lotus netizens who will try to defend the murderer: “If ta had not suffered setbacks, TA would not have come to this step today.”Someone has to emphasize that they have a reason to be evil.And this reason, it is caused by society.Why can’t we just admit that some people have broken hearts?Is it really as hard as everyone thinks it is for those who do evil?Just like this case, Lin shaoren’s family and Huang Shaobin are people at the bottom of the social fringe.Huang Shaobin choose to kill and sell corpses to make quick money, Lin brothers choose to use efforts to change tomorrow.So you see, the same is unfortunate, people are already so different.The world is changing so fast that there are all kinds of things happening to us — sometimes beautiful, sometimes unfair, and sometimes tempting.The question is, when faced with the flower of sin, will you choose to sink with the darkness, or will you stick to the goodness of your heart?I hope you and I, when facing the abyss, do not forget our roots.Otherwise, when you go to step on the bottom line, one day will be the most brutal punishment.’.

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