Cold air again “brake” to northern Jiangxi will have heavy snow

Dajiang network/Dajiang news client news reporter Yang Wenchao reported: February 5, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Meteorological Bureau, the next two days by the cold air, Jiangxi province has a precipitation, cooling weather process, tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow night, northwest Jiangxi sleet turn small to snow, which jiujiang city has heavy snow in local areas.On the evening of February 5, pingxiang, Xinyu, Jian, Fuzhou, Ganzhou five cities overcast;Other cities of the province cloudy to cloudy days.In the daytime of February 6, it was cloudy in Jiujiang city with light rain to sleet, with light snow in some areas.In other cities of the province, the cloudy day turns to light rain.February 6 evening, Jiujiang city cloudy with sleet to small to medium snow, snow in some areas;In the north of Yichun, Nanchang and Jingdezhen and the northwest of Shangrao, there will be light to moderate rain or sleet on cloudy days;The rest of the province was overcast with light to moderate rain.Jiangxi Meteorological Bureau reminds that in the next three days, there will be frozen in some mountainous areas in northwest Jiangxi province, and there will be frozen roads on the wet ground. It is the peak time of the Spring Festival travel rush. Please pay attention to traffic safety.Due to the recent rainy weather in the province, it is easy to lead to soil saturation, so it is necessary to strengthen the investigation of geological hazards and prevent landslides.

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