Canyon Embarrassment

Guili Peak in May, rong Bi new return, plain smell to shuangta village 300 have canyon, mountain you water blue, jun show is very.Another day, I drove alone.First into its valley, there are deacons solid its stone road, repair its flower forest, so that visitors to the appreciation.Cliff dome belt, dance practice cloud sparse, rili wind chang, flowers and plants full eyes, the road has a babbling brook, line and hear the sound of stone, clear 珮 ring, chang yi infinite.Edge road slowly eastbound, there are birds playing in the branches of the vine, Jie Kang like dance, if the song off.Less line, that is, the use of solid road, cliff valley here and suddenly, the impermanence of forest grass only see.There are forewalkers in the cluster into the road, come and go staggered, horizontal and vertical network weaving.An old man came back and said, “The mountains are so steep and dense that it is difficult to travel through them.I was so proud that I said, “The exploration in the mountains is based on danger, and the search in the woods is based on tranquility. Is there a middle way to turn back?”He abandoned the old man and went east.Open field about a mile of the course, the two cliff will suddenly, there are cracks, just pass, more than the side and into the seam, before and after but see the line light, the heart has a slight palpitations.Strong and then, suddenly saw a pool, the wind is quiet without wave, clear through the bottom, a group of fish swimming in the air, shadow cloth stone, with the move around.The fisherman sits on the float, wearing a bamboo hat and coir raincoat.As far as the pool, the cliff falls fall, the gas of the stone, meet the sun rainbow.Heart palpitations disappear, then snicker at the old man, knowing its danger but not its beauty.Ring tam and deep, two cliff complex into a day.Predecessors of the traces of the beginning, hilly, brambles.Jin Forest depth forward, the more the more dense, the more difficult, all have broken for jingshi.The valley turned to the north, and there was a mile of open land, and there was a slight slackness.Bamboo complex line, sometimes dial grass, sometimes broken forest, sometimes across the gully, and sometimes the hill.Forget the road far and near, also do not know how long, belly gradually empty, body strength gradually decline.But there is no other way to climb over it.Try to cross, and then can’t, remember the army learned, grass weaving rope, as two tigers of the force, and finally the top, a few paralyzed on the ground and not from the support.High hope remote, complex thorns jungle endless.Jie zai!He walked on, and he turned back, caught, blankly without finding his way back.Regret at the beginning not old man’s words, so unbearable.Air high bird whine, worry I also, cong Insects disorderly language, laugh at me.It is just like the embarrassment of life, when you can not advance or retreat, you are worried as well as forward.Into the Ming lout to accompany the transport, back without linchuan envy fish Ann.Empty enterprising and not, acts in the mountains and sorrow song.Can not help but look up to the sky long sigh: this valley why?How can it be so embarrassing?February 20, 2022

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