Wow!!!!Smile to life, they are taixing Huangqiao tiger year gold people

At the beginning of New Year weather update in spring day hour in the morning is worth two in the evening all the good wishes of all the New Year begins early in the morning to go out, see sight on the streets, really shocked the fifth day of these early struggle against the god of wealth is not his own god of wealth you sell balloon boy don’t know is for the sake of livelihood, or for an experience of life is not easy,The little boy was supposed to sleep late but early standing in the street, a lot of hydrogen balloons in his hands excited to fly, but the little boy was completely happy without faith!He looked helplessly at every passer-by, perhaps his happiness is to sell balloons that moment!Seeing other children accompanied by their parents, what was his heart? The old man carefully placed every object and smiled to greet everyone passing by. Although no one would stop to take care of the old man’s business, he still smiled.He is who’s son, or who’s father, the hardships of life told him that only persistence can succeed, can be happy!Only by smiling at everything can we usher in a better life.Buy the boss of spring roll skin roadside 1 face bucket, 2 small pot, be the boss’s whole business.She handled the dough skillfully with one hand and lifted the baked skin quickly with the other.It takes almost a second for each spring roll to be cooked.Many passers-by will stop to enjoy the boss’s performance, the boss in addition to the pedestrian smile is serious branding.Occasionally there would be a customer or two in the crowd.Side of the road, such as single takeout little brother take-away brother side, one side seriously look at mobile phone, afraid to miss every single watch shops boss to arrive early, the boss of the gift box of neat, playing with a mobile phone customers to buy food – the boss should be carefully selected ingredients, preparing the most delicious food for diner vegetable stand vegetable stall on plastic bags in addition to sway in the wind,There are almost no customers in trinkets and other trinkets shops Little lanterns Lantern Festival mini lanterns are online Lonely sugarcane Sugarcane and juicer are ready, Hello, fresh sugar cane juice Would you like an order of North and South currency Famous food The old man making spring rolls is ready,Ready to open every old stall every pedestrian every boss they are at the beginning of the New Year in earnest efforts to work hard smile on everything to do their own god of wealth the good wishes of the New Year can be realized I wish everyone a happy New Year!Tiger Tiger alive!All the best!What’s your New Year’s resolution?Are you ready to make money?Welcome the God of wealth on the fifth day of the first lunar month

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