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Early this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice soliciting public comments on a draft regulation on the Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Services.According to the draft, app providers should regulate their business and management activities, and should not create fake traffic through machine or manual methods such as ranking, volume and rating control.On January 14, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a press conference to introduce that the online water army has gradually evolved from simple posts “filling water” to illegal and criminal activities such as paid deletion of posts, false comments, rumor diversion and extortion by fake news media.In 2021, public security organs investigated more than 200 related cases, arrested more than 2,000 suspects, shut down more than 6.2 million online accounts and 1,200 websites, and dissolved 170,000 online groups, effectively purifying the Internet environment.How does the network water army work?What unspeakable secrets are hidden behind it?To open network water army dark curtain, the reporter joins group of water army of 10 many networks to undertake undercover investigation.”Recruit water army, 1r, want to do.”In a QQ group called “Baidu Post Bar Group Control Review”, the group owner sent a task.The reporters from “Rule of law Daily” in the group sent a private message to the group leader and received the assignment.According to the request of the group leader, the reporter used his own personal account to click on the link provided by the group leader (to evaluate a movie), copy and paste the content provided by the group leader, and click to publish.Then, save the screenshot of the comment and send it to the group owner.After a while, the group of hosts to the reporter transferred a commission: 1 yuan.So far, the reporter just knew, the task mentioned in the “1R” represents 1 yuan money.This is the reporter in the near future undercover network water army group received the first single.After copying and pasting the more genuine the pre-written comments were paid, the group’s owner posted another assignment, also with a long paragraph written, this time to smear a tourist resort in harsh and abusive language.”All you have to do is copy and paste the text onto your account.””Said the group leader.When the reporter questions whether the copywriting content is too unbearable, can affect bad?The group leader explained: “We do the water army, just to complete the task assigned from above, do not need to care about the follow-up impact.There are so many of these tasks that you feel normal after you do them.”Reporters to just need to adapt to the line on the ground did not receive this single.However, through many exchanges with the group owner, and in the process of constantly joining other water army groups, the reporter has a deep understanding of the operation mode of the network water army.According to the group manager, Internet ghostwriters business sources, in the entertainment circle, for example, some small stars in order to become famous, will hire water army popularity to rise, will give the task to its brokerage company specialized in water army, organization, organization to hire a large number of water army, pretend to be fans of the star positive evaluation on the net, make the appearance of the star big popular.A fan surnamed Zhang told the reporter that one day, the manager of her fan group came to her and asked if she was willing to provide money for the traffic of the stars she followed.Originally, the star in the TV series immediately started, “pink head” ready to hire water for the TV brush comments.Xiao Zhang just knew where the neat relief slogan came from below the TV commentary.As a matter of fact, the aforementioned water army group that the reporter is in belongs to the last link of the water army industry chain and has the largest number of people.This ring is also divided into two categories: one is a small number of people, is a few hundred boutique groups;The other large group is a mission group of more than 1,000 people.What are the differences between the two groups?According to the reporter’s investigation, the task group is often pure copy and paste, comments almost the same copy;For the best group, not only should the comments be graphic, but the content of the comments should be different, and the comments should look more authentic.The latter is more complex, and correspondingly more remunerative.The reporter then joined a boutique group, the group’s “main attack” business is a large e-commerce platform.Each time the group leader sends the product link to the group, after the group member receives the order, the group leader will send different copywriting and video pictures to each group member who receives the task.After that, the group members were asked to use their personal accounts to take pictures of the goods and upload the comments from the group owner.Reporters were asked to participate in one of the tasks — taking pictures of the fruit, and providing group members with screenshots of orders and comments.After verification, the group owner transferred the principal and commission (1.5 yuan) to the reporter.Reporter undercover in the network Shuijun group found that the “work scope” of the shuijun is extensive — commodity praise, film and television control review, short video popularity, fake fans, and so on, where network users need to participate in the field, almost all have their figure.In this regard, a public relations company staff who has used the network shui Jun said that as the saying goes, “three people become a tiger”, the purpose of shui Jun is to create a huge public opinion to guide Internet users, so as to achieve the desired effect of employers.The water army group was doing brisk business. The water army group was disbanded quickly after completing its mission.According to the statistics of the water army group that the reporter first joined, 436 tasks of all kinds were published in the group within a day.At peak times, tasks are assigned to groups on a minute-by-minute basis.There are more than 1,000 people in each of the 10 online water army groups this reporter joined.In order to hide, the people who assigned the task often gave the group a name that had nothing to do with the water army, such as returning from the snow and gathering together.In some of these groups, only the group leader can speak.Some group owners post tasks and then drag their friends to a new group or discussion group, then quickly disband the group when the task is complete.The reporter found that in some boutique group, in order to make the water army more close to real users, the group owner will also undertake “on-boarding training” to the water army.As a result of the reporter has been actively speaking in a number of network shuijun group, was recommended by the administrator to the boutique group.After entering the boutique group, the group administrator friended the reporter and sent a document for training before the first task.Click on the document, and the contents can be summed up in two words: “words”.Such as evaluation of mask, first said, “baby received, very good to use, the Chinese light”, and then said “this brand effect is very good, sensitive muscle use don’t have any problems, much more special, exquisite packaging, logistics, fast”, the final recommendation “worth tube don’t stop and love friends, sisters quickly close their eyes into the”.After “study”, the reporter received the first single task in this group.The employer is a beauty blogger on an online platform. In order to make her facial mask sell well, she hired shui Jun to write favorable comments under her facial mask, but not ordinary praise, but wonderful “heartfelt” comments.The administrator told reporters, the purpose of creating boutique group is here, now the effect of ordinary water brush comment is not big, only boutique comments can make people convincing.This task needs a reporter to act as a “senior experience member”, and said that after using this mask is quite pleasantly surprised, then wrote a long “grass” article.Of course, the framework of the evaluation copy is set in advance, but reporters need to play according to this idea, to increase credibility.It is understood that such tasks are called “promotion” in the Water Army group.After the reporter and the administrator contact for many times, the other party has the intention to “pull the reporter under the umbrella”, become a member of their organization, undertake the work of similar water army group master.For further investigation, the reporter agreed to the administrator’s invitation.Later, the reporter’s job changed from receiving tasks to sending tasks: every day, he would obtain tasks from higher-level and more hidden groups, and then, as a “small leader”, after deducting his own profits, he would forward them to the water army group.The price of each task ranges from 0.5 yuan to 1.5 yuan.The owners can take 20 percent of the profits and keep them.Meanwhile, the reporter also received several large tasks with relatively high amount of money, such as paying attention to the wechat public number of an enterprise, etc., because the operation is complicated, and sometimes also need to input personal information, so the reward is also rising.Lured by high commissions, these assignments are quickly taken away by some group owners.The reporter tried to take over the task of brushing comments. After being sent to the group, dozens of people immediately came to take the task. After two hours, the reporter’s QQ dialog box has been crowded with dialog Windows, or to take the task or to complete the task to receive rewards.For further in-depth investigation, the reporter proposed to the administrator “promotion” of the will, was rejected.This administrator says, “big ringleader” it is the close letter that gives employer prepares, because this inside “oily water” much, the person that does not concern is easy to enter not go.”In the film industry, you need to be associated with an artist’s agency to have a shot at being a ‘kingmaker’, because no one knows if you’re sabotaging someone else’s family.””Said the administrator.The action of the water army is suspected of illegal and requires multi-party coordination.When you watch live, you often see a lot of the same barrage floating past;An article gets more than 100,000 views in a flash;Many reviews are surprisingly consistent when it comes to online shopping…With further investigation, the above situation seems to have been answered.So, is network water army legal existence?According to Yao Jinju, a professor at The Law School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, online water army refers to a group of people who are employed by public relations companies or online organizations to post and reply posts for the purpose of sensationalization or slander.It is an illegal and criminal act for Shui Jun to make illegal profits by Posting speculation to slander other market operators.Zhang Xingshui, director of Beijing Jingding Law firm, said that online water army behavior seriously disrupts the order of the socialist market economy and disrupts the Internet environment.According to relevant laws, if the Marine corps infringes upon the personal rights and interests, it shall not only stop the infringement, make up for the fault, but also bear the corresponding compensation liability.The Supreme People’s Court about the use of information network infringement personal rights and interests of civil disputes provisions on some issues of applicable law, employment, organization, abet or help others to release, forwarding network information infringes on the personal rights and interests of the patentee requests, jointly and severally liable for the person the people’s court shall support.The above judicial interpretation also stipulates the mode of liability bearing: if the people’s court decides that the infringer shall bear the forms of liability such as apology, elimination of influence or recovery of reputation, it shall be equivalent to the specific mode and the scope of influence caused by the infringement.If the infringer refuses to perform, the people’s court may take reasonable means of execution such as publishing a public announcement on the Internet or publishing the judgment documents, and the expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by the infringer.Where a network user or network service provider infringes upon the personal rights and interests of another person, causing property losses or serious mental damage, and the infringed claims the liability for compensation according to relevant laws and regulations, the people’s court shall support the claim.At present, the water army group is still active in each major network platform, how to regulate?Yao Jinju believes that the regulation of the water army needs the joint efforts of various aspects, and only under the combination of multiple channels can it achieve obvious results.First of all, the public should strengthen the legal awareness, strengthen the social propaganda of the use of network norms, so that people realize that malicious rumors on the network and the way of profit through the water army are illegal, suspected of illegal crimes, and then strictly regulate their own network behavior.When using the Internet, abide by the regulations of the Internet platform and treat the content on the Internet rationally.At the same time to strengthen their own awareness of prevention, do not accept others instigation, do not follow the trend of comment or delete posts, posts.Secondly, network platforms should continue to improve their own management ability of network users and content audit efforts.At the beginning of this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services (Draft for Comments). Article 6 of the Regulations stated that “users who do not provide real identity information, or falsely use the identity information of organizations or others to make false registration shall not be provided with relevant services”.Article 9 puts forward that “application providers shall establish and improve the management mechanism of information content review, establish and improve management measures such as user registration, account management, information review, daily inspection and emergency response, and equip professionals and technical capabilities commensurate with the service scale”.After these regulations are passed, the cost of network communication will be increased to a great extent.Thirdly, the regulations of various law enforcement and supervision departments on the network water army should cooperate and coordinate with each other, especially the administrative law enforcement departments, which should further clarify the identification requirements of the network water army and clarify more specific governance measures.(Reporter Han Dandong intern Wang Yitian) Source: Rule of Law Daily statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information, conducive to the popularization of law.If any source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact Qinghai Law Popularization with proof of ownership, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.

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