Maximum discount of 7000 for large dog replacement

On the side of the Dog, it uses the usual off-road design techniques, such as high body, muscular eyebrows and a straight waist line, to create a tough style.On the side of the body, the Huff Huff dog keeps the same style with the front face, with straight lines and raised eyebrows, it is very tough.From the side, you can see that the Huff Huff dog has a tall body, muscular eyebrows and a straight waist line, and round taillight, which gives it a strong sense of the wild.The front face uses a front grille in the form of a square shield, paired with a round retro LED headlight set and a rugged front bumper shape for a wild beauty.The car side is flat and straight line design, which further enhances the tough guy atmosphere.The underside of the car is also decorated with a large amount of chrome to enhance the dog’s recognition.In the following high matching color design, looks very dynamic.In the interior of The Haver-Haver-Dog, many off-road vehicle elements can also be seen, such as the handle in front of the co-driver and the frame design of the body with the same color outside the air conditioner outlet, and the color collocation on the center console is also very lively.The location of the air conditioning outlet is very unique, and the edge is also decorated with orange ornaments, looking very trendy.In terms of materials for work, there is a large area of enameling soft material on the surface of the central console, and black baking paint and orange stitches below, with orange embellishment of the central console and the platform, the overall effect makes people look very comfortable.The overall style of the interior is very avant-garde and fashionable. The steering wheel and the central control screen adopt the popular integrated design.Interior design, the new car central console with a new design, more rich lines, the sense of layering has also been promoted.In the process of parking, the driver does not need to control the steering wheel, gear, brake, parking system can automatically complete the horizontal, vertical, oblique scene parking into the process, so that the “tide walking escort team” praised its “parking difficulty rescuer”.At the same time, the addition of full LCD instrument and central control screen is also very good to enhance the sense of science and technology inside the car.In terms of configuration, Hafu Hafu dog is also full of sincerity, with intersection assistance, intelligent dodge, automatic fusion parking, reversing tracking, transparent chassis and other configurations.In terms of active safety, The Haver-Haver-Dog has intersection assistance, intelligent avoidance, fully automatic integrated parking, reverse tracking, transparent chassis, and L2 level autonomous driving system.In addition, Haval Haval Dog also has a very rich safety configuration, such as intersection assistance, intelligent dodge, automatic fusion parking, reversing tracking, transparent chassis and other functions are equipped.On off-road roads, the Haverhaverdog’s electrically controlled toothmounted differential lock on the rear axle allows for some mild surprises, but that’s not all.In terms of configuration, The Hover Dog will provide lane departure warning, lane keeping system, ACC full speed adaptive cruise system and so on.Novice is not easy to detect hidden dangers, the active safety system of Haf Haf Dog provides users with early warning and avoids risks to the greatest extent. Among them, the function of 360° panoramic view + transparent car bottom is a must for novice.In terms of active and passive safety equipment, Haffer Dog is also equipped with AEB active brake, reverse side brake function, ACC adaptive cruise system, as well as 6 airbags including side air curtain and airbags, to fully protect users’ travel safety.

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