During the Winter Olympics, the city’s urban operation personnel in various fields amounted to 180,000

Feb 5 is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, commonly known as “Po Wu”. It is one of the traditional festivals with a long history in China and the second day of the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The 2022 Beijing Press Center will hold a special press conference on urban services for the Winter Olympics, introducing the measures taken by Beijing to provide high-level urban services for the Winter Olympics in the context of epidemic prevention and control.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was successfully held on The evening of February 4, making Beijing the world’s first “Double Olympic City”. How can the city operate safely?Zhang Yan, executive deputy director of Beijing Olympic City operation and environmental protection Group office and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Management Committee, said that during the Winter Olympics, the city is expected to operate in various fields of security personnel 180,000, participate in the Winter Olympics urban operation and environmental protection of more than 50,000 people, fully ensure the safety of urban operation.In order to ensure the operation of the city, Beijing municipal professional enterprises and related districts organized 539 special exercises in the preparatory stage to check hidden dangers, plug loopholes and strong and weak items, laying a solid foundation for the efficient operation of the guarantee and emergency mechanism during the competition.The construction of “one pavilion, two cases and three teams” was completed in the Olympic-related region.Power, gas, heat, water supply and drainage, sanitation, communications, cable TV, special equipment and other professional support units and relevant local governments have respectively formulated support plans and emergency plans for the Olympic Games competition venues, non-competition venues, training venues and other olymp-related venues.At present, the city has set up 223 support teams, a total of 2,582 support personnel, support vehicles and related equipment more than 1,700 sets (sets), can achieve seamless connection inside and outside the venue, emergency quick disposal.All personnel participating in the emergency duty support have received 100% booster vaccination, and have completed the stationary assembly on January 15, receiving nucleic acid tests every 48 hours.(the original title: the city operation in all areas during winter 180000 security personnel) source: Beijing daily client | journalists Wang Tianqi process editor: u010

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