A man used a high-tech metal detector in order to eat a dumpling with coins inside

A man in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, used a metal detector, a high-tech weapon, to eat a dumpling with coins in it, and Internet users reacted with dismay.Originally, the man to eat that dumpling with a coin, with a metal detector, he took the detectors on the plates on the table dumplings scan it again, when scanning to one of the dumplings, instrument issued voice then man alacrity to put the dumplings in his mouth, really eat in a coin, Internet users see the behind the scenes not calm.Some netizens said: You this is your life by your god, a little tampering with the meaning of the book of life and death, my family put a coin in the dumpling let me eat the first one there are netizens said: take a magnet don’t get, but also the whole so hard [sweat] dumplings, as a traditional Chinese food, the dumpling itself means rich.Two years of the junction, eat dumplings, on behalf of jiaozi.It is not known when coins were first introduced into dumplings for Chinese New Year.But as a big year’s Eve, all you need is happiness and blessings.And eat dumplings with coins, the implication is the New Year bonanza!When I was a child, every Spring Festival, when my family made dumplings, I have specially in the coin dumplings pinch two lace, and then eat, do not deliberately to find, a glance can recognize the lace dumplings, but deliberately arranged to eat dumplings, not so excited.Now when I grow up, every year’s coins are very casually wrapped in dumplings, but the results are eaten by my mother, mother as a lifetime home, the management of the family property, she can eat it is really providence.Science and technology has changed the Spring Festival, but also changed people’s lives, but the bread coin in the dumplings, if there are children in the home, accidentally eat the children swallow, the consequences are very serious.This year, I made dumplings with chestnuts and sugar in them, but so far no one has eaten them, because there are many dumplings in them.Did you put coins in your dumplings this year?Did you eat it?Technology changes Spring Festival

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