Wolf hill town streets to carry out “Fu Hu sheng Wang repeatedly see” party members winter training knowledge competition fun games

In order to further promote the winter training work of party members, south Communication let the masses of party members look back at the beginning of the heart road in laughter and continue to open a new bureau, to meet 2022 with a new look, set foot on a new journey.On 27 January afternoon, the nantong chongchuan district red Wolf hills street party alliance held in Lu Hong brake primary school section “network of China” – “the tiger grow the lianliankan” party member’s winter training knowledge correct fun games – flow of party members’ focus on learning energy Celebrate the games to fly “thematic party day and” jianghai bee “celebrating the New Year, send warm activity start ceremony.”This is the third year of the Year of Study. Every year, the unit and the community organize such novel activities for us to participate in, which not only enrich theoretical knowledge learning, but also taste the strong” New Year “flavor of Nantong, which is really warm.””Said Qian, an itinerant party Courier.In the activity, the Red Party Building Alliance sent a winter training package for party members in the express industry and floating party members, which was full of “spiritual food” and greatly enriched the “connotation” of party members’ theoretical learning.Nantong party construction industry “jianghai bee” brand since June 2021, the Wolf hills based on triangular bridge street community service center, “green” pioneer “between the party league position, such as establishing” jianghai bee “red post, continuously strengthen party construction industry, with high quality the party lead better express industry development with high quality,Strengthen the political determination of party construction in the express industry, consolidate the foundation of party construction work, and improve the quality and efficiency of party construction work.”Let each of us become the practitioner, supervisor and propagandist of not setting off fireworks!”Volunteer Xiao Fang proposed banning fireworks during the activity.In the field of the activity, the police and volunteers of the Wolf Mountain police station set up a “booth”, to participate in the activities of the comrades issued fireworks banned from burning leaflets, popularization of illegal fireworks safety hazards, environmental pollution and other knowledge, as well as the consequences of illegal discharge.The “regulations on the administration of nantong fireworks set off” since its launch, attaches great importance to the Wolf hills street, online through “charm Wolf mountain”, the public WeChat group issued a “letter”, such as “initiative”, etc., offline members winter training and practice of the new era of civilization, the grid management, many measures simultaneously, to ban burning banned thorough popular feeling, a household name,Guiding the broad masses of Party members to take the initiative to jointly govern and share.”Fun games are really interesting, especially ‘break the blockade’ and ‘seize Luding Bridge’ these two projects, not only experience curling, but also increase a lot of knowledge about the Traditional folk customs of the Spring Festival in the answer.”Employee representative Chen said after completing all the projects.In the activity, the Red Party building alliance arranged for us to “occupy the position” “The Red Army long March flying chess” “break the blockade” “seize Luding Bridge” “clean the battlefield” and other interesting sports projects, and interwoven with many with a thick “New Year flavor” knowledge contest, the atmosphere of the activity scene is warm, full of fun.The event was hosted by the Wolf hills street, street red party alliance, zhongjian bureau of nantong university projects department, the Wolf mountain station, nantong market regulator Wolf mountain branch, green and non-public enterprise party branch, institute syndicated party branch, hetian public voluntary union and various community members representatives of the masses and post express little elder brother, took part in the activity.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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