The theme of “Werewolf Kill” is obviously very popular, why no one made it into Japanese or Chinese comics?

“Werewolf Kill” this game since three or four years ago appeared in China, so far are quite popular, there are many words adventure games adapted from “Werewolf Kill” on the market, such as many anchors are playing “Mystery of the Wolf Village”.But “Werewolf Kill” obviously popular derivative game variety, but so far a and “Werewolf kill” related animation have not appeared, it should be said that “Werewolf Kill” this thrilling horror and intellectual battle of the subject matter, the most easy to trance, why the animation company at home and abroad do not start?If Chinese comic wants to produce werewolf Kill animation, it must face two problems. The first is how to pass the review, and the second is where the script comes from.As the name implies, “Werewolf Killing” is related to “killing” and “dead people”, and it is also a suspense type with a bit of horror. It is not easy to pass the examination of this theme. In the past three years, the only Chinese comic that dares to walk the suspense wind is “The Sacred Tree of Qinling”, and “The Sacred Tree of Qinling” has compressed the original horror plot.There is no atmosphere for “Werewolf Kill” without horror and suspense, and it is difficult to grasp the scale of approval for making horror and suspense. This is a technical problem, and few Chinese comic writers can solve the problem. At this time, the second question arises: where does the script of “Werewolf Kill” animation come from?If the script of “Werewolf Kill” is too simple, it will be ridiculed by netizens who are accustomed to playing “Werewolf Kill”.So scriptwriters in addition to grasp the scale, but also than the audience has a deeper understanding of the game “Werewolf Kill”.There may be xiaoke love to ask: “Werewolf kill” theme of the net text is so much as cow hair, just choose an animation not to get?This method looks simple but is difficult in practice.There was no “Werewolf Kill” novel, and animating a novel with few fans was a losing proposition.Secondly, due to the existence of the original novel, there is a risk that the plot of the animation will be revealed, while the most fearful thing of The Werewolf Kill is to reveal the plot. If every episode of Detective Conan has a bullet screen to tell you who the murderer is, will the audience still want to watch it?Japanese manga will not produce werewolf Slay. Chinese manga cannot produce werewolf slay. why not Japanese manga with better conditions?Because making Werewolf Kill was a money-losing proposition, Nippon Comics wouldn’t do it to make a profit.First of all, the theme of “Werewolf Kill” is not new in Japanese Comics. The “Chilling Cicada Cry” series can be regarded as a kind of “Werewolf Kill” animation, and its first season has been broadcast for 16 years now.And now the Japanese comic company can make “Werewolf kill” animation, also have to play a question mark.The latest season of last year’s “Chilling And Crying” went from a suspenseful thriller to a brawl between magical girls that left you wondering.Moreover, in recent years, the animation that sets the theme of “Werewolf Killing”, suspense, countryside, intelligence fighting and group image, is actually a bad tail masterpiece “Fans”.If JAMA tries the Werewolf Kill genre, will it produce a 4.2 point failure comparable to The Lost?The odds are pretty good.At this time, there may be a smart question: The Mystery of Wolfman Village as a Japanese AVG is very popular, isn’t it?Called “Werewolf kill” theme god, it was adapted into animation, not on the line?This method does work, but the company of The First Mystery of Wolfman Village has no intention of animating the game. They are already making a lot of money, and animating won’t necessarily boost sales.What animation company would want to spend at least two seasons on the four-week werewolf Kill?Conclusion: Although the theme of “Werewolf Kill” is popular, it is not a small challenge for Chinese comics to produce a similar animation due to the reasons of the review and script.Japanese comics have tried similar themes for a long time, and now they can not do better than the previous animation, and the mystery of The Wolf Village, such an excellent script, does not necessarily want to be adapted for animation.

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