The first forum of the Global Digital Trade Forum for Common Prosperity will be held in Hangzhou next week

“Digital Traders connect the world”.In March, the first Global Digital Trade Expo will open in Hangzhou.This year’s CIAD is a high-level event to participate in the formulation of global trade rules and showcase the achievements of the development of the digital economy.On February 22, the digital Trade Enabling For Common Prosperity Development Forum will be held online and offline, which is the first event of the Digital Trade Forum of The First Global Digital Trade Expo.It is reported that in this forum, in addition to releasing the Logo of Zhijiang digital trade forum, it will also display the practical results of common prosperity in the business field and release the new service index of digital life 2021.Binjiang, deqing county, such as digital trade first demonstration of local representatives and trade development excellent representative benchmarking enterprise, integrating the practice and experience sharing and problems, this paper discusses forum guests, mutual exchange platform for digital trade industry, development experience, looking to digital trade can prosperous prospect of the construction of the demonstration zone.”High-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone is the glorious mission given to Zhejiang by the CPC Central Committee. Business connects internal and external, connects urban and rural areas, docking production and marketing, relates to thousands of families, and contributes to the road of common prosperity.”Deputy head of department of commerce of zhejiang province Zhang Qianjiang said that in recent years, zhejiang continuously intensify reform exploration, actively build quality consumer popularity promotion system of pratt &whitney, promote trade development, explore the open platform to build high quality development mechanism, improve the urban and rural circulation system, implementing the digital life new services, gradually formed a group of common prosperity in the business world,The people’s sense of gain is also growing.According to statistics, the total value of digital trade in Zhejiang reached 527.9 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 21.8%.Strive to 2025, zhejiang province’s total digital trade exceeds 1 trillion yuan, initially built a global digital trade center.

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