On February 3, pu ‘an County meteorological Station issued a yellow warning of “Level III/severe” for road icing

Pu ‘an County Meteorological Station continued to issue yellow warning signal for road icing at 9:25 on February 3:Now my county pachyrhizus, zhongshan, stores, dish water street, castle peak, white sand, ocean’s temperature is still lower than 0 ℃, and will continue to maintain our county is expected in the next 12 hours sweet potato, zhongshan, castle peak, such as water, ocean’s new stores, white sands, the villages and towns (street) terrain height, bridge, tunnel, etc will be icy roads, please pay attention to traffic safety.On January 30, the Pu ‘an County meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of “grade III/severe” for road icing.–end–>

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