Liking and fitting in are both important

Love is a choice.In this process, everything may not always go our way, and we will always have to make some trade-offs.For example, there are always times when we meet two people at the same time. One person we like very much, but we feel that all aspects are not so suitable, and one person we think is quite suitable, but we are not attracted to.At such times, we always want to know which is more important, like or suitable.If liking is more important, then choose the one you like. If fitting is more important, then move on to the right one.Between liking and fitting, we always want to make a choice, but most of the time, we really don’t know how to choose.Because like and suitable, are equally important, should not easily abandon the other.Love in the heart, will want to be together.We always think that if we match each other in every way, communicate smoothly and have no major problems with each other, then we can live a good life together even if we don’t like each other.However, when we don’t like a person, in many ways, we really can seem very indifferent.They will not want to get close to each other, and they will not be interested in each other’s life. They will not care about each other’s gains and losses in daily life.With that kind of person, life will be really boring, we will always be reluctant, feel that it is not the life we want, often because of a little thing, we would like to give up the relationship.In fact, many things are like this, do not like, will not be willing to spend time, not willing to spend time, not willing to learn more.Only when you like it, will you naturally have a desire, will you be particularly interested in it, and want it for a long time.In the face of a person we don’t like, we always think that after a long time, we can develop feelings between each other. However, time can let us learn a lot of things, but only love, after all, reluctantly can not.Love and not love, in most of the time, from the beginning, that has been doomed, basically, at the beginning of the people we do not like, later, we will only be difficult to love.More appropriate, the relationship can continue well.Like, we will be willing to pay, willing to tolerate, but also want to have a future with each other.However, if we only like each other, the personality of the other person is not very good, and our pursuit is completely different, the living habits are very different, and it is very difficult to communicate with each other. After all, it is difficult to maintain our love.The feelings of the world, do not like it is difficult to become like, but like, but will be very easy to deteriorate.At the beginning, when we like someone, we just follow our heart, not too much. However, after a long time, if liking someone just makes us sad, but can not bring us half nourishment, we will be disappointed and choose to leave him or her.Between men and women, love is the foundation, that makes each other want to love, want to go all the way, but want to really be together all the time, only love, that is far from enough, also depends on each other’s three views and what to pursue.That requires mutual recognition, mutual respect, and the ability to understand each other, to understand and accommodate each other.That is to say, to some extent, the things in each other’s bones are relatively similar, from the beginning, they are fellow travelers.Again like, this like, finally will fade, will disappear into thin air, only appropriate, each other are very eat each other that set, this love can really continue, worth every morning and evening.Better yet, like it and fit it.Sometimes, we need to choose between liking and being suitable, because we really don’t have a better choice.Standing at the fork in the road of fate, we can according to their own meaning, to make their own choice, but if you can, we really do not want to, we had better not choose, can also wait for a while.We can give ourselves a little more time to find someone that we are passionate about and comfortable with.Life or love, choice is really very important, the choice of different people, our future will really be very different.Everyone has and only this life, so if we still have something to hold on to, we might as well be brave.May want to meet a person, that is not so easy, but we also have to understand, once one day, I really met that person, later years, also really will be a lot better.In marriage, after marriage, how each other, that is more important, but before that, their choice is who, that in fact, has already decided, our future, what will be.A good choice, will make our business twice the result with half the effort, they do not have to spend so much energy, but also let each other’s marriage, really can be more happy, they can not always so troubled.Like or suitable, which is more important.In fact, when we ask ourselves this question and can not make a decision, it has shown that in fact we are very concerned about.Yes, it’s really important to like and fit in.Chase after love road, also wish we can meet a like and the right person, let like and the right at the same time.If we want such a meeting, of course, we can not just wait, we must take the initiative to find such a person, but also to let such a person, come to our side.Too many things, just rely on luck, that is not good, want more than others, you must be more than others work hard.Only when we work hard enough, we are qualified to get more, and we are qualified to say that we are not lucky when we don’t get more.Text/Tan Meng picture/Network

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