Hong Kong outbreak: Thousands of patients waiting to be sent to hospital, 300 anti-epidemic taxis from Friday free transport

To meet the travel needs of COVID-19 patients in Hong Kong, the Transport and Housing Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has teamed up with the taxi industry to set up a dedicated fleet of taxis to provide free shuttle service between designated clinics and their homes, according to the transport and Housing Bureau (HTB).The service will be provided by 300 taxis for COVID-19 patients from Friday.”Thousands of people are waiting to be sent to hospital,” ho Yuen-ha, chief administrative manager of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA), said at a media briefing on The evening of 16.According to introducing, have to make an appointment visits to the hospital authority designated clinic between 7 patients, 7 on Friday morning, through set up appointment platform or from the same daily 8 am to 10 PM call appointment, exclusive booking service, booking person shall provide the name, contact number, booking time, specify the clinics, get on the car place etc.The motorcade driver will contact them to confirm and arrange pick-up service.The AUTHORITY reminded visitors visiting ha designated clinics to use their own motorcade service as far as possible.The HKSAR Government will provide guidelines to the operators and drivers of the motorcade.Drivers of the fleet are required to wear protective equipment, including masks and protective clothing, as well as protective masks when not driving. They are required to thoroughly disinfect the carriages on a daily basis and perform rapid antigen tests to ensure negative test results before providing services.In addition, passengers should only use the rear seat. The front passenger seat will not take passengers to reduce the risk of infection;The motorcade will only pick up those who have already made an appointment at designated clinics. No other passengers will be picked up. A “Booking is required for COVID-19 only” sign will be pasted on the taxi body for public identification.

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