Game life, life is a game.Be less serious and more open-minded

In the short time without being imprisoned, people will become tolerant, generous, usually too mind things laugh off, let too serious things easily in the past, but also in the sky high sea vast imperceptibly expanding self.If this spirit of play can be extended and brought back into the realm of serious life, life will be much happier when it is not.Game life, life is a game.Be less serious and more open-minded.Let the poker-faced life a bit more recreational spirit, so that he busy leisure.In the universe and between heaven and earth, the most shocking things are all things made by nature, like galaxies and seas, glaciers and snow mountains, and canyons and waterfalls. Even if people have the wisdom to change the way the world works, they cannot copy the sky and earth, mountains and water.These are not artificial things but have a breathtaking beauty. I am amazed by the beauty of the sky, the mystery of snow mountains and glaciers, and the deep expanse of the ocean. The more mysterious it is, the more I like it.I have learned about the great beauty between heaven and earth that Mr. Jiang Xun talked about. After listening to it repeatedly, I have a different feeling each time.

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