Asiatic lion limited time discount 24,400 yuan welcome test drive

Asia Lion, Toyota TNGA architecture black technology set in one, high-grade sense, strong power performance, rich configuration, safety protection, can be called the new benchmark of the superior!It is now in hot sales, with an unprecedented cash discount of 24,000 yuan;”Lion” half power times: 60% down payment for 2 years 0 interest rate;40% down payment 0 interest for 1 year;20% minimum down payment for 2-5 years of low interest rates;Additional loan, no principal loan, extended warranty loan, worry-free loan, fengxiang loan, customer protection loan (30% down payment), three guarantees worry-free loan, easy financing lease;Machine can not “lion” : to enjoy 5000 yuan replacement subsidies;New move praise: buy three guarantees without worry, can enjoy up to 32,000 comprehensive rights and interests.Da Da FAW Toyota has a used car center certified by FAW Toyota manufacturers, with high price, high amount of replacement subsidies and fast update of indicators.At the same time to provide you with financial loans, vehicle boutique, one-stop licensing services, Pangda Toyota all staff are waiting for your visit, to the shop to talk about cheaper, lower than the network quotation.Promotion time from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022 Asiatic Lion latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Tianjin quotation 2.0L Luxury edition 150,800 yuan 24,400 yuan 126,800 yuan 2.0L Enterprising edition 142,800 yuan 24,400 yuan 118,800 yuan 2.0LDeluxe edition 161,800 yuan 24,400 yuan 137,800 yuan 2.0L Deluxe edition 174,800 yuan 24,400 yuan 158,800 yuan 2.0L flagship edition 179,800 yuan 24,400 yuan 155,800 yuan

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