Why is it so hard to break up a lousy men’s team?

Chinese men’s football team has now become a dung beetle in a cesspits, to belch should have more diaphragm, to more disgusting, more disgusting, the dissolution of the men’s football team has been resounded out of the clouds, why did not disband them now?Who in the hell is defending these awful men’s football teams?Do you want them to continue to embarrass the Chinese?Do you want them to keep losing and getting paid every year?Can’t the functional departments of the state, which is in charge of sports and football, see this?Why is it so difficult to uncover the corruption of The Chinese football team and the Chinese Football Association?When will the parties concerned give the broad masses a satisfactory answer and take satisfactory actions?It is said that recently the football association wants to reduce the annual salary of football players from 5 million to 3 million, and there is great resistance, all the clubs do not agree.More shameless?But every have a little bloody person should commit seppuku suicide!Who gives these clubs the nerve?Isn’t there someone who can control these departments?Is the decades-old club system long overdue?To the dustbin of history!Is tackling corruption in the football sector more difficult than attacking Taiwan?.

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