“Toutiao” institutions are exempt from examinations, the highest resettlement allowance of 100,000 yuan!Xinyang issued an important notice

Notice of Xinyang Municipal Party Committee Office Xinyang Municipal People’s Government Office on printing and distributing 6 Preferential treatment Measures to Encourage College graduates to join the Army in Xinyang County (District) Party Committees and people’s governments, administrative districts, development zones and relevant units directly under the city:The Municipal Party committee and municipal government of Xinyang City have agreed on 6 Preferential Treatment Measures to encourage college graduates to join the Army. Now it is printed and distributed to you. Please strengthen publicity according to the reality and earnestly implement it.Xinyang municipal party committee office of the people’s government office of the communist party of China on February 3, 2022 xinyang encourage university graduates to army article 6 preferential measures for further practice of the new era of the party’s army targets, arouse the enthusiasm of university graduates enlisted in the army, and improve the quality of our city men collection, all full-time college degree graduates from xinyang,The following 6 preferential treatment measures shall be implemented when retiring from active service: 1. Ex-soldiers who have obtained more than one academic degree shall be directly employed without examination or examination in the annual recruitment of public institutions.Among them, the full-time doctoral graduate resettlement allowance of 100,000 yuan, living allowance of 20,000 yuan per year;For full-time postgraduate students, the settlement allowance is 20,000 yuan and the living allowance is 5,000 yuan per year;Full-time undergraduate graduates will be given a one-time living allowance of 5,000 yuan.At the same time, we will provide affordable housing for talents to rent, with the rent standard no higher than 70% of the regional housing market rent, and reduce the rent for families in difficulty.Ii. Every year, 100 posts will be provided by the municipal government and 50 posts will be provided by each county (district) for the ex-soldiers who have obtained the second degree. The targeted recruitment through green channel will be implemented according to the recruitment plan.Third, demobilized soldiers with college degree or above, those majoring in normal education and medical and health care, will be recruited to schools and health care system through green channel. For other categories, the number of posts will be set according to 50% of the number of demobilized soldiers for targeted recruitment.Recruitment will be carried out according to the recruitment plan at that time.Four, those who participate in the recruitment of other public institutions organized by the city, the written test will be added 10 points.Five, each county (district) from xinyang city to join the army of college graduates, on the basis of the existing outstanding fund, to give a one-time living allowance of 5000 yuan.6. During the period of college graduates’ military service, their parents will have a free physical examination once a year and enjoy free ticket treatment of scenic spots and buses in the city.(The measures will take effect on February 1, 2022.It will be adjusted every five years according to the national conscription policy.)Source: Xinyang Municipal Party Committee office, Xinyang City People’s Government office: Zheng Ye editor: Chen Xiaojun Final: Xu Liming reproduced this public number original article please indicate the source reproduced article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please feel free to contact us to delete.Xinyang Evening News new media matrix Xinyang Evening News official wechat the most beautiful hundred garden Kepuxi County Xinyang Water saving Service Center each of your praise and look, I like!

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