Tai ‘an issued an emergency alert

The Tai ‘an Center for Disease Control and Prevention urgently reminded chengdu, Sichuan province, of four newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and three asymptomatic cases on February 20.To effectively control the spread of the epidemic risks, since February 5, please have a history of living in chengdu city, sichuan province to ty return Thai people, and will be released around the coronavirus infection action trajectory intersection to ty return Thai staff, must be the first time to the community (village), work unit, is reported to the hotel, and cooperate to perform the disease screening, nucleic acid detection, prevention and control measures such as medical observation.Tai ‘an Center for Disease Control and Prevention February 21, 2022 Tai ‘an Radio and TELEVISION Station Voice of Tai ‘an • Rong Media Center Source: Tai ‘an Center for Disease Control and Prevention Hou Xiaofei Audit: Zhang Dongmei

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