Good news!505 parking Spaces, jingzhou Hongmen Road parking lot officially opened

The lack of parking Spaces and the difficulty of parking have always been the problems encountered by citizens and tourists when they visit and purchase urban complex.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jingzhou parking company, recently, with the official opening of the red gate road parking lot, effectively alleviating the downtown parking problem.Hongmen Road parking lot is located on the west side of the newly built Hongmen North Road and the north side of Wuyue Square, with a planned construction land area of about 12,351.2 square meters.Reporters see, this new “birth” of the parking lot, the ground of the new application of the road marking line, in order to facilitate the public visitors to identify vehicle parking position.The whole parking lot is divided into indoor and outdoor berths, among which the 4-storey parking building is particularly conspicuous, and its pointing signs are set up.Surveillance video, fire protection system and so on;The driveway in the building ensures sufficient space for passage.According to the introduction, the parking lot design 505 parking berths, including 121 ground berths, parking floor berths 384.In addition, the parking lot is also set up a total of 18 charging berths, equipped with 9 double gun quick charging piles.The official opening and operation of hongmen Road parking lot marks the seamless docking of our city’s planning of “public parking lot — urban complex — ground square”.

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